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The most common programming languages

 The most common programming languages

The most common programming languages

The most important programming languages ​​currently used:

 * With the steady development in all forms and fields of life, especially smart devices, and communication and communication networks, programming languages ​​have become an important aspect. Programming languages ​​control devices, by creating programming sentences that link devices and humans, so that they can control them and facilitate their work.

 The devices we have today cannot do the jobs they are made for without programming languages ​​that control them.  There are many programming languages ​​currently in use, depending on their purpose. There are languages ​​for website pages, and there are languages ​​for databases, and others for networks, in addition to smart phone applications.

 Among the most important of these languages:

 - Java (JAVA) Java: It is a language that depends on objects, which is known as (objects) in programming languages, which makes it relatively easy to apply, as the programmer does not have to return the code sentences for the same purpose, but rather is satisfied with creating the object once, and then  Call it whenever required, in addition to that there are many ready-made objects that the programmer can use, and are included in the software libraries that support Java programming such as the netbeans program, and the Android language used to program many smart phones currently widespread is basically Java with some additions  .

 - C Sharp language: It is a object-oriented language, and it relies on many patterns, and it was adopted by Microsoft, the leader in developing computer operating systems, to develop the .NET language.

 PHP is a new language that appeared in 1995, and it works on several environments such as Windows and Linux, and a group of programmers developed it with the aim of using it on servers, in web pages, to provide graphic interfaces on websites, but it could be used for other purposes.

 SQL: It is a non-procedural language used to organize and control databases, and it is divided into several types, namely the identification language, the processing language, and the control language, and all of them are specialized in dealing with databases, from creating, modifying, searching, as well as obtaining data.

 - JavaScript language: Java Script Netscape and Sun Microsystems cooperated to create this language, which is completely different from the Java language, and has no relationship with it, and the aim is to create websites more interactive with the user, such as entering data on the site, or requesting specific data,  And it is implemented in two parts, some of which are executed on the user's device with the help of the browser, and some of them require returning to the server, and the simplest example of this is creating an e-mail, as the information entered needs to be JavaScript.
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