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The difference between Satan and Jinn,

 The difference between Satan and Jinn,

The difference between Satan and Jinn,

Belief in the unseen:

 * Intended by faith in the unseen.  The belief in it, and the complete conviction that the world seen before the human being is nothing but a small part of existence, and that that existence is in its two parts;  The Unseen and the Watcher, He has a great Creator who manages all of his affairs, and the six pillars of faith in the Islamic religion are all from the unseen, so whoever believes in them deserves to be described as a believer, and a Muslim believes that knowledge of the unseen is specific to God Almighty alone, and no one can claim his knowledge of anything  In it, but God Almighty reveals to whomever He willed from His Messengers, as God Almighty said: (The one who knows the unseen) does not appear to anyone of his absence * except for the one who pleaded with him from a Messenger.

* It appears from this that every method through which it is intended to reach something from the world of the unseen, other than the method of revelation, which God Almighty reveals to his messengers.  It is a false and erroneous method, and it cannot lead to real knowledge, but rather comes with assumptions and delusions, which do not enrich the truth in anything. Therefore, God Almighty has forbidden magic, fortune-telling, divination and everything similar to it in claiming knowledge of the unseen, in blasphemous ways.  Satanic;  And that is because it includes the conflict of the Lord of Might, about something that pertains to himself.

 * Both humans and animals have access to the world of martyrdom, not the world of the unseen, which is in relation to the world of the unseen.  As an atom in relation to the mountain, and a Muslim believes in it even though he did not see it, and he did not see anything of it.  However, he realizes his existence, through the existing evidence, evidence and evidence regarding him.  With reason, sense, and information that the Messengers, peace be upon them, brought, and God Almighty revealed to His servants something from the world of the unseen, and concealed other things from them.

 * He informed them of everything they needed from him, and everything that would fit their condition with it, showing them his creatures, concealing his supreme self from them, acquainting them with the worldly life, concealing from them the afterlife, showing them the works seen, concealing hidden intentions from them, and showing them his Sunnah in the universe, and concealing  From them His power, He showed them bodies and bodies, He concealed the souls from them, so whoever believes in what God has revealed to him from the world of the unseen, and believes in it;  He was a believer, and he who disbelieved in him and turned away from him.  He was an infidel.

 The difference between jinn and Satan:

 * The world of the jinn is considered an invisible and hidden world, God Almighty told him in the Noble Qur’an, and from what He told him that He created them for His worship alone has no partner, as he said: (And I did not create jinn and mankind except for them to worship), and the jinn are characterized by reason and mind.  They have the freedom to choose between right and wrong, right and wrong, and they called that name;  Because of their devotion and concealment from the eyes, and the world of the jinn is necessarily known in Islam, so whoever denies their existence is an infidel.  Because he denies that the Holy Quran and its verses explicitly,

* The Messenger - may God bless him and grant him peace - was sent to mankind and the jinn alike, which indicates that the jinn are entrusted with the legal costs, and are commanded to believe in the oneness of God Almighty, and his singling out to worship, and to ratify the prophecy of Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, as is the case with people  Some of the jinn have believed, and obeyed the commands of Allah Almighty, and Kafr some of them, and disobeyed his Lord Almighty commands, has been indicated by the words of God on the lips of the jinn in the Qur'an: (I am of us Muslims of us Aalkasston it is the safest Those investigated rational * The Aalkasston They were hell wood  ).

And Satan in his truth is from the world of the jinn as well, except that he is the unbelieving jinn among them, so every disbeliever from the jinn is called Satan, and the one among them who believes in this is not named.  From distance, and therefore everyone who rebelled from obedience, from a jinn, or a person, or an animal, was called Satan, and it appears that there are demons as well, and they are the rebels and the wicked among them, and it has been mentioned in some hadiths of the Messenger - may God bless him and grant him peace - that prove the existence of  The jinn and demons, and that they belong to one name, but they have become two types, considering the infidel, and the believer among them.

 The difference between the jinn and the angels The differences between the angels and the jinn are very many, and the following is the explanation of some of them:

 * The origin of the creation of angels differs from the origin of the creation of the jinn, for God Almighty created the jinn from the fire, and made their reproduction from water, while the angels were created by God Almighty from the light.  God Almighty made the angels believers, and infallible from falling into sins, just as they do not command others except for good. As for the jinn, some of them are the believer, and some of them are the unbelievers, so he commits sins and commits sins, and some of them command good and pursue it, and some of them command evil, and seek from  Put it off.  God Almighty removed the lust from the angels,

 * As for the jinn, they are like humans in desire.  The Messenger - may God bless him and grant him peace - told that every human being has one of the jinn and one of the angels, as the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: (There is no one among you, but he has entrusted his companion to the jinn, and his companion from the angels).  The devil is among the jinn, he has a touch in the human heart, so he calls him to evil and dictates it to him, and he has knowledge, with the appreciation of God Almighty, of the human heart, and what he intends in him of good or evil deeds, and as for the angels of man, he has a cognition in his heart as well, so he calls  Man to goodness, and he urges him to do it.  a
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