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How do you conserve your phone battery?

 How do you conserve your phone battery?

How do you conserve your phone battery?

How do you deal with your phone battery,

 * New mobile batteries are required to be fully charged when they are placed in the device for the first time, as this helps extend their life and benefit from the largest possible capacity for them, and it is recommended to leave nickel batteries for 16 hours connected to the charger and completely discharged them from charging two to four times, a

 * As for lithium-ion mobile batteries, it is recommended to leave them connected to the charger for the first time for five to six hours, and not to be indifferent to the battery full alert that appears on the mobile phone, and this alert is usually far from accurate due to the failure of the battery initialization process.

 The correct way to charge the mobile battery:

 * The way in which the mobile phone battery is charged plays an important role in preserving and extending its life.  Therefore, it is recommended to follow some guidelines when charging the battery, as follows:

 * Charging the mobile phone battery for a short period whenever the opportunity permits.  Not allowing the battery to fully run out before it is charged;  Because using a mobile phone when a very small part of the battery life remains, it will be corroded.  Try to keep the battery charge between 65% and 75%, and many people may have difficulty keeping the battery charge at this level permanently,

 * This problem can be solved by trying to connect the mobile phone to the charger frequently, or trying to keep the battery charge between 25% and 75% to avoid long-term damage.  Refrain from charging the battery completely, especially if it reaches a low level of charge;  Because this may cause its capacity to decrease and its life span.

 * Avoid leaving the battery connected to the charger overnight.  General tips to extend the life of the mobile phone's battery Some tips can be followed to extend and maintain the battery life,

 Among the most important of them are the following:

 * Cancel the vibration feature;  Such as the vibrations that occur while typing or when receiving notifications, as the phone usually consumes more charge when it vibrates than when it is ringing.  Customize apps that are prompted to track a device's location;  Like Google Maps and Whatsapp, and turn them off when there is no need to track the location or when using the device to browse mail and use other applications

 * Update the applications on the mobile periodically to the latest version, and this will also help improve the device's memory and raise its performance level.  Set the phone to flight mode when there is no need to call and communicate with others, as this helps to save the battery charge while continuing to use applications, games, and videos on the device, and this can be done when roaming in areas with poor coverage.

 * Turn off the automatic sync feature, as some applications such as Gmail and Twitter update themselves automatically in order to display the latest information available on them, and if this is not needed, this feature can be turned off by going to the Settings application on the device, then clicking  Google account, and turn off syncing of junk apps.
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