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The wildest animals in the world

 The wildest animals in the world

The wildest animals in the world

What are the fiercest animals in the world,

 Fierce animals When mentioning fierce animals, some may think that the fiercest animals must be huge animals, and carnivores in particular, but the truth is that there are many ferocious animals that are small in size and not predators, and some of them may be a kind of insects,  And some animals are ferocious and aggressive by nature, and some become ferocious only when they are surrounded and provoked, and since it is difficult to determine what is the fiercest animal in the world,

 Therefore, some of the animals that many experts agreed to be the fiercest in the animal world will be mentioned in this article.

 1- The fiercest animals in the world Honey badger Perhaps it is difficult to find an animal more ferocious and aggressive than the honey badger (English: Honey Badger), as it does not hesitate to attack any animal, even if it is large, such as: a lion.  The badger is distinguished by its huge skull, sharp, strong teeth, and thick skin that protects it from venomous snakebites, bee stings, porcupine thorns, and dog bites, and it is at the same time loose that allows the badger to move completely freely inside it, which enables it to turn around and bite an animal that catches it from the back  To his neck, and above all, he has a special gland at the base of his tail that enables him to produce an unpleasant odor when he feels threatened.

 2- Bull shark Sharks are dangerous marine animals, and one of the most dangerous to humans is the bull shark (English: Bull Shark), great white shark, and tiger shark, but the ability of bull sharks to live in fresh water and salt water at the time  The same, and their preference for shallow areas with high population density, such as: tropical beaches, makes them in the opinion of many experts the most dangerous sharks in the world.  The bull shark is called by this name because of its short flat nose, its aggressiveness, and its attack on its prey by hitting its head, and this shark can eat almost everything it sees.  It eats dolphins, fish, other sharks, and humans.

 3- Hippo, some may be surprised at the inclusion of hippopotamus (English: Hippopotamus) among the fiercest animals.  Because it is a herbivore, but it is really a fierce and aggressive animal, especially when the situation is related to the protection of its regional areas, as it has huge, sharp teeth, its great speed that reaches 30 miles per hour, and its weight, which may reach 10,000 pounds, or 4,545,5 kg, kills 3000 people.  Every year, hippos are famous for their fights with predators, such as: crocodiles and lions.

 4- Black mamba The black mamba (English: Black Mamba) is a brownish poisonous snake, but it is called by this name because of the color of the lining of its mouth inside, which is black, and it is the fastest snake in the world, and the longest poisonous snake in Africa, and the second longest poisonous snake in  The world, which is aggressive and ferocious if it feels threatened, and is highly toxic;  It produces a toxin that attacks the nervous system, and the aggression of this snake is that it not only bites its prey once, but bites it repeatedly, and every time it injects a large amount of poison into the body of its prey.  Black mamba is the cause of 20,000 deaths annually.

 5- The Saltwater Crocodile The Saltwater Crocodile - as its name indicates - lives in salt water, and is the largest living land reptile.  Saltwater crocodiles camouflage themselves well and ambush their prey;  To be able to launch a surprise attack, it is famous for attacking humans.

 6- Killer Bee Killer Bee (English: Killer Bee) appeared.  As a result of experiments to hybridize African bees and European bees, a new species called (Africanised Bees) appeared, which is more aggressive than the usual bees, and that it launches large-scale attacks, which can include 100-1000 bees, while European bees attack in a flock of 10-20  Only an individual, as it can be easily provoked, and one of the factors that increase his risk is that he builds his cell in inhabited places.

 7- Cassowary is an ostrich-like bird, characterized by aggression if disturbed, or approaching its young, or its territory.  The shin fluffs its feathers, makes a loud sound, and launches a sweeping attack using three sharp dagger-like claws on each man, which are so lethal that New Guinea tribesmen put them at the end of their spears;  To become even more deadly, it is a fast bird, with a speed of thirty miles an hour, and it can leap into the air more than three feet.

 8- And wolverine for an animal and wolverine (English: wolverine), or glutton, with thick skin, strong jaws, and sharp claws, it is characterized by the extraordinary courage that enables it to steal food from bears and wolves, and devour a large animal, such as: moose, despite the fact that its weight is no more than  Thirty pounds 14 kg approximately.

 9- The Malayan Sun Bear The Malayan Sun Bear (English: Malayan Sun Bear) is a very aggressive animal by nature. It can attack without being provoked. It has teeth that are the largest in the world of bears, and it is very protective of its young.

 10- Wild Pigs Wild boars are animals known for their aggressiveness and ferocity.  It attacks any animal that happens to pass its way.  Wild boars have a sharp sense of smell, but their vision is weak.

 11 - Baboon monkeys Baboon (English: Baboon) is one of the fiercest primates.  It is the highest rank in the mammalian class.  Male baboons fight among themselves over the supremacy of the group, and they are violent with females whose size is half the size of males, and they do not hesitate to pursue their enemies and kill them when they are caught.

 12-The Bengal Tiger The Bengal Tiger (English: Bengal Tiger) becomes aggressive when it feels threatened, or when it approaches its territory;  It is a territorial animal that ferociously defends its territory, and it becomes ferocious when it is sick.

 13-The rhinoceros The rhinoceros (English: Rhinoceros) is an animal threatened with extinction, and its aggression appears when it feels panic and confused.  He uses his horn to attack and kill those who try to approach him.

 14 - The Tasmanian Devil The Tasmanian Devil (English: Tasmanian Devil) is an animal that is characterized by temperament, and its extreme aggressiveness when feeling threatened, so it attacks its enemies using its sharp fangs.
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