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 How are pearls formed in oysters?

How are pearls formed in oysters?

Pearl composition:

 * The natural pearl life cycle begins inside the oyster shell when an external intruder enters such as a grain of sand or some food floating on the surface between one of the shells and the protective layer that covers its organs, its entry disturbs the oyster, which in turn covers the intruder with many layers of nacre, which in the end  It forms the pearl we know.

 How cultured pearls are some of the pearls:

 * They are not formed by chance in nature, as humans contribute to their formation by inserting a piece of shell or glass into the mollusks and waiting for the formation of pearls, and this method includes many steps that the oyster farmer must take, as he must first raise oysters for a period of three years before the operation  Cultivation of pearls, after which they are planted by grafting, and in the end the farmer reaps pearls after a period ranging between 18 months to three years, and this process is common because natural pearls are very rare, as hundreds of oysters have to be opened to find one pearl of natural origin.

 The most prominent types of pearls:

 * There are many types of pearls according to several characteristics such as origin, shape and color, and the most important of these types are the following:

 1- Akoya pearls: For nearly 100 years, the akoya pearls cultivated off the coast of Japan were the favorite classic for many people. They are known for their round shape, sharp and reflective luster, and their size ranges between 4-10 mm.

 2- Freshwater pearls: It is one of the most affordable pearls at the present time. Freshwater pearls are known for their delicate white color, which is softer than Akoya, and their sizes range between 5-12 mm.

 3- Tahiti pearls: Tahiti pearls originate in French Polynesia, and they are distinguished as the only natural dark pearls that are often black in color, and come in several shapes such as drops or ovals, where the round is the most rare, and their sizes range between 8-15 mm.

 4- South Sea Pearls: The South Sea pearls, which range in color from white to golden, are the largest of the saltwater pearls, and they originated mainly in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines, in addition to their large size making them extremely rare;  It ranges between 8-18 mm.

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