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 The benefits of chamomile drink,

The benefits of chamomile drink,

Chamomile benefits:

 * Chamomile belongs to the herbal plants from which its flowers are used, and it is considered one of the best remedies for stomach ulcers, and Europeans use it widely in treating digestive problems, as it contains natural ingredients that combat infections, colic and various cramps, and is considered a stomach cleanser,

 Other benefits of chamomile:

 1- Treatment of tonsillitis Chamomile can be used in the treatment of tonsillitis, and that is by soaking a tablespoon of chamomile flowers with a cup of boiling water and leaving it aside for ten minutes only, then rinsing with the resulting solution several times a day to get the best results  .

 2- Treatment of pyometra, chamomile can be used in the treatment of pyometra, and that is by boiling the amount of five chamomile flowers in a cup of water and then placing it on the eyelids on a daily basis, and this method can be replaced by another by soaking three chamomile flowers in a cup of water  Boiled for five minutes, then used as a daily wash for the eyes to get the best results.

 Benefits of chamomile fumes:

 * Chamomile fumes are useful in treating colds and colds, and that is by heating an amount of water in a bowl over the fire, then placing a quantity of chamomile in it, then the head is exposed to the steam rising from the bowl after covering it with a piece of cloth, and the process continues for a continuous quarter of an hour  The least to get the most out of chamomile to get rid of infections and kill the germs that cause it.

 Chamomile tea:

 * It is advised not to boil chamomile in water when making chamomile tea, as boiled water must be placed on top of it, left and filtered, and then used, as studies have shown that this method is one of the best ways to extract the largest possible amount of useful and nutritious substances in chamomile, such as Azulin, for maximum benefit  Of which.
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