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Painting "Escape from the Frame",

 Painting "Escape from the Frame",

Painting "Escape from the Frame",

"Escape from the Frame" by the Spanish painter Beardle Borrell (1835-1910),

 * The painting says: When you get out of the frame that they made for you, you will be surprised and regret every moment you lived that was imposed on you by the name of "Frameworks and Traditions"

 * The painting shows a picture of a boy in the first or second decade of life, who appears surprised and apprehensive, and is afraid from the outside;  As a kind of phobia of open spaces.  As for the external descriptions of the boy, all refer to the state of poverty and deprivation that he was suffering from,

 * Perhaps the features of bondage and submission are also clear, and this is very normal.  Because the boy’s reaction while trying to evade the frame in which he clearly envisioned the tribal situation of the boy (that is, before trying to get out of the frame).

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