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 What are the seven evil things,

What are the seven evil things,

The hadith of the seven sins:

 * It is a hadith urging us to avoid seven things mentioned in the following hadith, on the authority of Abu Hurairah, may God be pleased with him, who said: The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: (Avoid the seven righteous things. They said: O Messenger of God: And what are they? He said: Polytheism with God and magic. "  And killing the soul that God forbids except with the right, and eating usury, eating the money of an orphan, taking over on the day of the crawl, and throwing out of the barricades of the unbelieving believers) [Narrated by Al-Bukhari],

 Explanation of the hadith of the seven righteous deeds:

 * The hadith calls for the necessity to avoid the following deaths:

 1- Shirk with God is to place another god with God in his lordship, and to dispense something of the kinds of worship to him, such as fear, supplication, or vow, or closeness to worship, and polytheism is divided into two types, namely: greater polytheism that comes out of Islam, and places its owner in Hellfire and immortalizes it  In the event of his death before his repentance, and examples of this type, such as fear of the jinn or the dead that they will curse him or harm him, or the hope of someone other than God in what only God is capable of, and others, and the Almighty said: (And they worship without God that which does not harm them and does not benefit them.  These are our intercessors with God) [Yunus: 18],

 2- Asghar polytheism does not exclude its owner from Islam, except that it is a means to greater polytheism, and it is of two types, the first: apparent polytheism, which is actions and expressions, such as swearing by something other than God, and the second: hidden shirk, which is polytheism in intentions of reputation and hypocrisy, and in wills, like someone  He does a deed that draws nearer to God in order to obtain the praise of people, such as giving alms for the sake of praise, and if hypocrisy mixes the deed, he nullifies it.

 3- Magic is known as magic as sophistication, determination, and knots that affect hearts and bodies, which leads to disease, death, or separation, and some contemporaries knew it as a group of subtle matters hidden in the dark, which can be acquired through learning, and it is similar to the extraordinary,  And in it deception and camouflage, as it comes from an evil soul, and the scholars are unanimously agreed that magic, its knowledge, its use, and going to magicians is forbidden. On the authority of Safiya, may God be pleased with her, on the authority of some of the wives of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, on the authority of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, he said: (Whoever comes to a fortune teller and asks him about  Something for which prayer was not accepted for forty nights) [Narrated by Muslim].

 4 - Killing a soul that God has forbidden except by truth. Killing a soul that God has prohibited except with truth is one of the greatest sins after disbelief in God  Because it is an attack on the community, society, and the making of God, and the Almighty said: (do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden except the right and the killing of oppressed has made us the guardian authority not carousing in the murder he was Mansora) [Isra: 33], and due to the killing of breath prohibited retribution  Unless they accept blood money, or the guardians of the murdered are pardoned, and in the event that the killing is almost intentional or by mistake, then the duty of expiation is the blood money, which is to free a believing slave, so whoever does not find it is obligatory to fast for two consecutive months, just as it is not permissible to kill the soul that God has prohibited except  If he does something that he should be killed.

 5 - Eating usury is defined by the Hanafis as the favor owed to one of the contracting parties in the exchange, which is free from compensation for a condition in it, and it is known to the Malikis that the increase in number or weight is achieved or imagined and delayed, as it is known by the Shafi’is as a contract on compensation, especially the similarity in  The criterion of Sharia is the case of the contract, or with a delay in the two allowances or one of them, and it is known by the Hanbalis that it is an increase in specific things, and the ruling on usury is forbidden in the Sunnah, the Book and consensus, and it is one of the major sins that God forbids, just as it is forbidden to deal with it.

 Among the types of usury are the following:

 * Riba Al-Fadl: It is the sale of usurious money of one's sex with an increase in one of the two returns.  Al-Nasa’i’s usury: is the sale of interest-based money for another usurious money that has the same reason for a term.  Hand interest according to the Shaafa'is: It is the sale of usurious money to another that has the same reason without stipulating a deadline for the same contract.

 6 - Eating the money of an orphan. God Almighty has commanded kindness to the orphans, preserving their wealth, and striving to take care of them, so the Almighty said: (And do not approach the money of an orphan except with what is better until it is achieved) [152].  Administrating Day crawl means escape from meeting the enemy in the war and jihad, and the Almighty said: (O ye who believe! If ye meet those who disbelieve in battle do not turn your backs * It is Aolhm that day was orchestrated only Trva to fight or biased to a class was B angrily of God and the abode of hell and good riddance  ) [Al-Anfal: 15,16].

 7 - Throwing of ungodly female believers, defamation is known as stone throwing, while it is known in this hadith as throwing a woman with adultery, or whatever it means, and the origin of the statue is: it is forbidden, and a woman is protected by chastity, freedom, and Islam.

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