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The importance of exercise for children,

 The importance of exercise for children,

The importance of exercise for children,

Concept of play:

 Play is the child's soul, and his enjoyment, and it can be a reason for the regularity of his life, through playing the child can achieve great benefits that we seek to achieve by transforming this play into various sports that will develop the child's physical, mental and social ability, and improve his psychology in a way that makes him more flexible  And do not forget that the child is affected by his environment more than he is affected by his family.

 The importance of sports for the child,

 Make the body permanently strong and healthy by developing and strengthening muscles.  It strengthens the heart muscle and protects it from various diseases.  Tightens the child's body, increases its flexibility, and reduces fatigue and stress in the event of performing any work under normal circumstances.  It gives the body vitality and activity, which leads to an increase in the child's appetite for food, which usually tires the mother in order to eat healthy food.  It develops mental abilities,

 * And focus increases through the child's thinking about how to play and reach victory, and trying to focus in many games for profit, as practicing something increases its strength, and as it has been said: a healthy mind is in a healthy body.  It gives the child self-confidence. When he finds himself among other children in a game, he feels that he is an important active element in society, and when winning or winning is his share, this develops the leadership personality in it.

 * Make the child social and integrated into the surrounding environment, through playing with his peers and exchanging words and opinions, the child learns how to deal with others and the correct behavior in this dealings, but if the child is confined at home and deprived of practicing his favorite sports and going out to society, this will result in an introverted personality that is reluctant to integrate  With others, and this may lead to the emergence of a state of social phobia.

 * Playing sports and having a leader in the game teach the child the system, and that there is a person whom we must respect and follow his instructions, and this is positively reflected on the parents at home by dropping the rules of play in respect of the leader on the house, and thus respect and hear the word of the father and mother.  Sport develops the spirit of cooperation, participation, and teamwork in the child, which will inevitably make the child collaborate in his home with his brothers and feel that everyone has his right, and that he must be one hand with all family members, and thus the spirit of selfishness and passion will disappear.

 Among the most important benefits that sport brings to the child:

 It is the formation of many ethical behaviors, such as patience, honesty, justice, love, and cooperation, which he automatically quotes through the laws of the game, where the child's soul is pure and accepts what is presented to him in terms of morals, and it becomes an essential part of his life.
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