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History of the emergence of football,

 History of the emergence of football,

History of the emergence of football,

Football appearance:

 * The game of football is one of the most popular sports among young people around the world, so they are often present to play football in different neighborhoods, squares and stadiums, and this game is no longer limited to males, but rather extended to females until it became the most famous game in the world without any competition,  And competitions for this game are being held at the local, national and global levels.  Where football competitions, especially international, are highly watched due to the intense competition between teams,

 * Football is distinguished by a very large fan base and popularity, while the number of players in the world of football, according to FIFA statistics in 2006, is 265 million players, and the number continues to increase day by day, which definitely indicates that the witch  The roundabout is the most famous, widespread, and practiced game in the history of all sports known to the world.

 The start of football:

 * Football has a very ancient history that goes back to the second and third centuries AD.  In China it was known as Tzu Shu as its first start in human life.  As the evidence indicates that it was a military training at the time;  Where the player was trying to enter the ball into the net fixed on bamboo sticks, and the ball they were playing with was stuffed with hair and feathers,

 * Football also appeared in Japan in the name of Kirami, which until now was still played in its original form in Japanese culture, and this game was played in circles inside which players gathered and passed the ball between them without touching the ground, and in 1300 AD football appeared in England;  The players were playing with a ball made from animal bladder, and a ban was imposed on those who played football;  Given the fear of the ruling authority at the time that people would be busy with it instead of learning how to shoot;  This is because England was in the midst of its war with Scotland at the time.

 * The round witch continued to spread her magic in various social circles in England quickly and greatly, and the football matches in the year 1800 AD were very violent, as they were more like boxing or wrestling rings;  In view of the hitting and punching that occurs between the players;  As players bet on their homes and money in the event of winning or losing against other teams in football matches, which sometimes included 1000 players,

 * But when the Highway Law was passed in 1830 AD, which stipulated that whoever plays football on the main and highways will be fined a sum of money.  Violence decreased slightly in football matches, and after that, football became the sport of everyone in different social classes in British society at the time, and then it became the most popular game in schools in the eighteenth century.

 * In 1863 AD, football separated from rugby football, and the first football association in the world, the English Football Association, was established, and in the late nineteenth century, in the light of World War I, football was no longer restricted to men only. Football entered the world  Women, despite the ban on football due to the political conditions at the time;  However, after the ban was lifted by the Football Association in 1971, women's football continued to spread worldwide.

 * In the year 1904 AD, after the great spread achieved by football in various parts of the world, the presence of an international official body concerned with the affairs of this game became a necessity.  That is why FIFA was established, which is an abbreviation of the French name (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), and the basic laws of football and the basis for its future development were established, and after the founding of FIFA, the game became more organized, widespread and famous in the world,

 * Football has become a source for learning the sporting and ethical spirit among players and fans.  Despite some racist and immoral scenes that occur on some occasions, it remains one of the sports that teach ethics, sportsmanship and tolerance in its finest forms in various parts of the world, and perhaps the best example of this is South Africa hosting the World Cup competitions in 2010 after its disposal of the system  The racial segregation that once prevailed in the country;  To become the first African country to host the World Cup in history.

 the rules of football :

 * With the establishment of local, continental and international leagues, football has become more organized and less violent from its beginnings;  So the laws of football have become fully covering all aspects of the game, and the most important laws of the round witch can be summarized as follows:

 1- Football is played in the form of matches between two teams, each team consists of 11 main players, and the matches consist of two halves, each of which is 45 minutes long, with a short 15-minute break.  All the outfits of one team are the same except for the goalkeeper, whose clothing must be different from the rest of the team.  The length of the football field ranges from 90 meters to 120 meters, while its width should not be less than 45 meters and not more than 90 meters.

 2- The ball to be played must be spherical, its weight not more than 453 grams and not less than 396 grams, and its pressure ranges between 600 to 1100 grams per square centimeter, and it must be made of leather or a material that does not harm the players.  The team is considered the winner of the match at the end of the original match time if it has scored more goals than the opposing team.

 3- Football matches are run by a number of referees, and they are: the main arena referee, the flag referees, and an assistant referee.  When a player has received two yellow cards;  He then automatically receives a red card, after which he is kicked off the field.  The referee adds the stoppage time at the end of each game to the original time, which was estimated due to the stoppage of play due to an injury to one of the players, or for a sudden circumstance requiring the referee to stop play;  Such as the occurrence of mass riots, or quarrels between players.

 4- Goalkeepers are only permitted to hold the ball with their hands within the boundaries of their team's penalty area.  A player is considered offside when he is closer to the opponent's goal line than the other team's players the moment he receives the ball from his team-mate;  Unless he is in the half of the court for his team, or that he receives the ball from his opponent and not from one of his teammates, or if the ball reaches him through a corner kick, throw-in, or goal kick, or when it is dropped by the match referee.
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