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Characteristics of a parrot

Characteristics of a parrot

 a parrot:

   * Parrot is a pet bird and loved by many people, it is the fourth most common pet in the world after dogs, cats and fish, and many people prefer to raise it at home as a bird.  A spoiled bird, a bird known for its bright and varied colors, and what distinguishes it is that it is the most intelligent bird on the surface of the Soul Balloon, due to the ability of some.  Genres to mimic human voices and laughter.  There are many types of parrots, their number reaches about 350, some of them are famous;  Such as: African gray parrot, which is one of the smartest parrot species, Amazon parrot, Macaw parrot, Cockatoo parrot, some of which are not known at all.  Reproduction at a parrot The parrot mates between spring and autumn,

   * Married only once in his life, and he is a bird characterized by loyalty, as the male parrot cannot be separated from the female for life, and most parrots lay the number that ranges from two to eight eggs at a time, which is a non-migratory bird, and the female lays her eggs in nests or  Holes of trees or underground tunnels, and the incubation period of the female when the eggs ranges from two weeks to about a month, and the parrot is born after the eggs hatch, and it becomes blind with a thin layer on its skin and soft feathers, and the rest for up to two weeks.

   Parrot traits:

   In nature, budgies are up to 80 years old and feed on nuts.  Such as: nuts and seeds.  Mainly sunflower seeds, and some types of insects and fruits, and the parrot lives above trees in forests, and is found on all continents of the world, and it spreads abundantly in North America, in South America and Australia and in warm regions in general.  Parrot can withstand different temperatures, so it can be easily raised at home. It is a bird that is distinguished by its long life, high intelligence and great ability to imitate human words.  A clean bird who loves to be washed with water, and the shower faucet must be placed on it from time to time to provide a moist atmosphere.

   * Parrot lives in social groups called flocks, and some types of parrots have the ability to learn to count up to the number eight, and it is a social bird that interacts well with its environment and integrates with it, and it is a bird that is able to sing and have fun, and it always needs play, entertainment and intense attention.  Parrot shape features The length of the parrot ranges from 10-100 cm, and its weight usually ranges between 50 grams and one and a half kilograms, and some species can weigh more than this, and the parrot has a strong body with great flexibility, its head and neck are wide, and its beak is strong and attached to a pointed head.  Four toes, two facing forward and two facing back, allow them to grasp things well.

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