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 Baby dolphin name,

Baby dolphin name,

Baby dolphin:

 Baby dolphin is called Calf, and there is another name for dolphin, which is dolphin.  The birth date of young dolphins is related to the warm season, when the water temperature rises and there is an abundance of food, so the date of mating of dolphins varies according to the type and geographical location in which they live, and the female dolphin usually gives birth to one small after a pregnancy period ranging between 10-15 months depending on the species  To which it belongs, for example, a bottlenosed dolphins (in English: Bottlenosed dolphins) have a full-year pregnancy, while a Tucuxi dolphins take only ten months to conceive.

 General information about baby dolphin:

 * The following is some general information about a baby dolphin: The weight of a newborn dolphin ranges between 4.5 -180 kilograms, depending on the species.  Female dolphins of the same herd help the mother during childbirth, then work with her to push a newborn dolphin to the surface of the water to breathe air.  The tail of the young dolphin comes out first during birth, then the rest of its body, and in the meantime the umbilical cord separates from the calf.

 * The color of young dolphins becomes dark during the first few weeks of their life, then they begin to acquire the light color that distinguishes adults. The mother breastfeeds her baby in an area close to the surface of the water several times per day, so that the duration of the time does not exceed 5-10 seconds, and the mother continues  By breastfeeding her young, usually for a period of two years. Female dolphins reach the age of sexual maturity between the fifth to eleventh years depending on the species, and the male reaches the age of sexual maturity between the seventh and fourteenth years.

 Dolphin Breed:

 * The male dolphin flirts with the female by performing some show-stopping movements.  His head arches and swayes up and down, and he raises his head, tail and beak above the surface of the water, according to a study that lasted 10 years in Australia.  The form of a gift, and when the female expresses her acceptance of mating, they start to play and have fun together, then one of them chases the other, slams his head, or bites him with his teeth, and it is worth noting that dolphins mate with more than one partner
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