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 How to treat yourself from depression

How to treat yourself from depression

Depression :

 * Depression disease is considered one of the dangerous and widespread diseases around the world, especially among women, with high rates, and depression is not only severe sadness or feeling unwell, but rather is a deficiency or imbalance of chemicals in the brain, and it must be treated quickly as it is dangerous and affects the body  As a whole, it may lead to disruption of the body's functions, and raise the rate of heart disease, in addition to the fact that a large delay in treatment leads to the possibility of not being able to be treated completely, or lead the patient to suicide.  Depression defines depression in language: it is a derivative of depression, that is, it has changed and broke itself from worry, it is depression.  Depression idiomatically: It is an emotional state characterized by uneasiness and distress from life, the desire for isolation, a general sense of anxiety, and the need to escape from the current situation.

 Symptoms of depression:

 * There are a number of symptoms that indicate depression in the event that a person suffers from at least five of them, and for a period of not less than two weeks, namely: severe feeling of sadness, emptiness, and loss of hope.  General fatigue and pains that have no apparent cause.  Tension, increased nervousness, and a bad mood.  Crying and resentment with or without reason.  Social withdrawal.  Changes in appetite.  Lack of interest in some things that the affected person liked.  Loss of focus, pain in the head.  A feeling of guilt or a feeling of importance.  Thinking of death and suicide.

 Types of depression depression is generally classified into two main types:

 Psychotic depression, and here the individual tends to feel the desire to die, and has symptoms of insomnia, self-blame, lack of laughter, exaggeration of problems, inability to build connections, and slow movement.

 Neurotic depression, which is depression due to psychological, environmental or social causes, and disappears with the demise of these causes, but the patient here exaggerates his reaction, and he sees that he has no hope for the present or the future in which he lives.

 Depression treatment:

 * There are several different methods used to treat depression other than drugs, and we mention one of them: Psychotherapy: This treatment is by making sessions with the patient, in which the components of his unconscious are discovered, and the conflicts and factors that led him to the disease are understood, and it aims to understand the patient and his condition according to his past and old experiences,  Thus treating it and dealing with it to overcome it, and overcome its negative impact on the patient.  Religious psychotherapy: where religion is an important factor in the formation of a person’s personality and the formation of his identity, and it plays a role in his psychological life and behavior,

 * It provides an emotional base for him to walk in life, and gives him confidence and security in the face of difficulties, and the spirituality of religion, adherence to obedience, commitment to patience, and a sense of justice and divine care are ways to fight despair or depression, and religious therapy is also used to treat anxiety, obsessive feelings, fear and other psychological problems.  Cognitive therapy: It is correcting the patient's thinking pattern, dealing with illogical thoughts and modifying them, and dealing with problems in a positive way, and cognitive therapy has several methods, including: self-monitoring, where the patient monitors himself and records his activities, the method of scheduling activities, methods of mastery and pleasure,

 * These are methods in which the patient relates activities to things that please him, or change his negative view of these activities, and the method of graduated tasks that is based on the patient performing tasks according to the easiest and most pleasant to him, and the method of cognitive recitation that forces the patient to pay attention to all the details of the task required of him from  Before the therapist, given that the depressed has problems in carrying out tasks that he could master before illness, and the manner of playing the role in which the patient and the therapist assume roles and interact according to them, thus enabling the patient to modify beliefs, learn social skills, discover and understand self-thoughts.  Self-help

 To treat depression, there are things that a depressed person should do to help himself heal, and they are:

 * Exercising, as brisk walking for a quarter of an hour to half an hour a day, or practicing any kind of sport that a person prefers, or doing it with friends helps improve mood, and practicing yoga exercises also helps to get rid of depression, and breathing exercises  Meditation can make the patient's condition better.  Good nutrition, as depression can affect appetite, so a person eats in an exaggerated way or does not eat well,

 * Proper nutrition can affect a person's mood and energy, so it is important to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and have regular meals.  Speech, as talking with a close person or friend is a means of expressing feelings, gaining some understanding and identifying problems, and trying to determine the causes that led to depression, and once the depressed transmits these feelings, the listener should turn his attention to positive thoughts and things, and take serious measures to solve the problems,  Seek help from friends or family to get over it.  Expressing oneself and doing activities and hobbies that a person likes, such as photography, drawing or writing,

 * Or set aside time to spend with a friend or pet, or do some fun and laughter such as playing games or watching a funny movie.  Trying to notice the beautiful and positive things in life, as depression affects a person's thoughts, and makes everything look very bad and negative, and makes despair and sadness control his life, so he only notices the bad things, and so the patient must try to notice the good things in life,  First, find one positive thing, then try to think about more than that, and think about strengths, and it is important to be patient, because getting rid of depression takes time.
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