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 Who is Rajwat Mansour,

Who is Rajwat Mansour,

* We are all thinking of the movie Night of the Witch, starring Hassan Fayek and Ismail Yassin, and the two brutal daughters whom I marry Toto and Soso. The pictures of one of them, called Rajwat Mansour, were from a rich family in Aswan. Her sisters all got married, but because of her appearance, Aswan left and went to Cairo.  By chance, I was presented with the role of the movie “The Night of the Witch,” because two daughters were wanted, the important thing. The film succeeded, and after it, she achieved some heroics and roles until she lived in a building whose neighbor was a Sheikh who lived with his eight sisters and his elderly mother,

 * And she loved helping his mother raise her children, and this sheikh was a married widow who had four children who helped her in raising them, and his mother offered that he would marry hopes and agreed, and she agreed as any girl herself marries for a while and times the sheikh died and left him four orphans and hopes she insisted on raising them with the sheikh’s eight sisters and after her  In a period of time the sheikh died, and after that the sheikh died, and she decided to raise the 12 orphans and devoted her life to them and returned to work in homes and shops.

 * Doctors and engineers brought them up, all of whom remained in sweet jobs, and every one of the 12 decided to take her to live for a month and remain fully responsible for her to eat, drink and serve her to some extent, and one of them was a doctor who decided to perform Hajj, and her wish was that she would go for Hajj and visit our Lord's house.  The Haram and Fadel revolves around it. He met Sajida in the Prophet’s Mosque, dead and buried there

 Why do I say this because these six do not take pictures of the comics of the Hazar and Tareeqah because of their shape, and with our Lord it is more beautiful than many people than us with our Lord,
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