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What is the number of the treasury of hell,

 What is the number of the treasury of hell,

What is the number of the treasury of hell,


  * The fire of Hell is the fire with which God punishes the unbelievers, the polytheists, and the hypocrites as a reward for their disbelief in this worldly life. Hell includes various types of torment, and it contains seven doors made of iron, which are spread out of thorns. God Almighty said:  There are seven gates, each of them has a split part) [Al-Hijr: 43-44], and its land is made of copper, lead, and glass, no one can get out of it, and its location is in the lower ground, as stated in the Book of God and the hadiths of the Prophet.

  Number of Hell Treasury:

  * In Surat Al-Tahrim, God Almighty described the treasury of Hell, and they are angels of ruthlessness, carrying out the command of God Almighty and not disobeying it.  In the sky, their feet on the ground, and they hold iron shutters in their hands, and if someone tries to escape from the fire they take him back in it, and the number of the treasury of Hell reaches nineteen, God Almighty said:  * There are nineteen on it) [Al-Muddathir: 26-30], and their chief is Malik, and is characterized as a grimace and frowning, and he never laughs, and the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, saw him in the incident of the Mi'raj.

  Layers of Hell;

  * Hell is considered to be Hell, the lightest layer of torment of fire, and it is called by this name because people in it answer in their faces, so the fire eats the flesh of the faces of men and women, and it is for the unbelievers who died and did not repent to God, and those get out of it later.  A fire in a flame that consumes hands and feet, and the jinn, demons, and wise men will be tormented in it, and all those who disbelieve in God and the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace.  Saqr Saqr is the third layer, and in it fire will eat meat and leave the bone, and the neglectors of prayer and the Sabeans will be tormented in it.

  * The shattered shattered bones in the shattered, and hearts burned, and the Jews would be tormented in it, and every Hamz was for a maz, hoarding his money and not giving alms, and underestimating people's honor.  Hell Hell is the fifth layer, and there are great coals in it. The one coal in it is greater than the world, and the polytheists will be tormented therein.  Al-Seir The Al-Sa`ir class was called this name because it contains three hundred palaces, and there are three hundred houses in each palace, and every house contains three hundred colors of torment,

  * Including: snakes, scorpions, chains, chains and shackles from the fire, and there is also a door called the door of grief, and there is no more severe punishment in Hell, and if the grief of the people of Hell is opened.  Whoever falls inside the abyss will remain in it forever, and it contains a well of soot, a great fire emanates from it from which the fire itself seeks refuge, in it is a mountain of fire in which the unbelievers are placed on their faces, their hands are tied to their necks, and the hypocrites will be tormented in it, the family of Pharaoh, and those who disbelieve like the owners of the table  .
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