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What is the first food for the people of Paradise

 What is the first food for the people of Paradise

What is the first food for the people of Paradise

The first food of the people of Paradise:

 * When believers enter paradise, the first food they eat is an extra of whale liver. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: (As for the first food that the people of Paradise eat, the amount of liver of the whale increases), and this was an answer to the question of the great companion Abdullah bin Al-Madinah, when the Prophet’s peace was coming.  Abdullah is against polytheism, so he wanted to test the Prophet and ask him about matters.  To be certain that he was a true prophet, then the first food of the people of Paradise was among those things.

 Attributes of the people of Paradise:

 * God has prepared paradise for the believers by the deeds they have presented in this worldly life, and the characteristics and attributes of the people of Paradise have been described in many verses and hadiths, among which their attributes are mentioned: that their faces will be uneven when entering Paradise according to their deeds, so the first group of their faces is in the image of the moon on the night of full moon.  And the second group, whose faces are like the brightest planet in the sky.  Their ages and bodies are the same, so they are thirty-three, and their bodies are like the image of Adam, sixty cubits, without hair.  They do not urinate, they do not spit, they do not defecate, and they do not streak, and that the combs they use are of gold, and the leach that comes out of them smells like musk.  That they form groups in groups when they come to God, because God Almighty says: (He will drive those who fear their Lord to Heaven).

 Lowest status in Heaven:

 * The Prophet - upon him be peace and blessings be upon him - indicated that Heaven is of homes and degrees, and not all of them are one level, so the lowest status in Heaven was demonstrated by the hadith narrated by Muslim when Moses asked his Lord about the lowest status of the people of Paradise.  What his soul desires and delights in, and that the place of the whip in Paradise is better than the world and everything in it.

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