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The story of our master Yahya, peace be upon him

The story of our master Yahya, peace be upon him

The story of our master Yahya, peace be upon him


 Yahya, peace be upon him, is the Prophet of God Yahya bin Prophet of God Zakaria, peace be upon them both, and the name Yahya - peace be upon him - is mentioned in the Holy Quran six times, in four different Surahs.  These are: the cattle, the prophets, the family of Imran, and Mary, as his story began with the good news of God Almighty for his father Zakaria, with the birth of Yahya, despite his old age and his despair from the boy, God Almighty said: (O Zakaria, we are bringing good tidings to you with a boy whose name is Yahya, who has not been brought forth.  * The Lord said that I should have a boy, and my wife was barren, and I had reached old age.) So Zakariyya - peace be upon him - rejoiced at the miracle of the birth of his son Yahya, peace be upon him, whose name was an honor from God Almighty, and not from any human being

 * Soon, Yahya, peace be upon him, grew up and moved to the age of youth, where he loved worship, working in the niche of knowledge, and God Almighty separated him with broad intelligence and a preponderant mind, and he came to rule as a boy, and he was able to deal with the issues of the Torah, understanding its origins and branches, separating between  People, and decree what God has revealed in them, despite his young age, but he did not fear in God the blame of the blame, so he says the truth without hesitation, and does not fear the oppression of oppressors.  Miracle Yahya peace be upon him God said directed to Yahya Allah exalt his mention speech directly: (O Yahya Take the book strongly and gave him judgment boy * and affection from the DNA and zakat was a devout * and land his parents was not a mighty sticks * and peace be upon the day was born and the day he dies and the day sends alive)  And the previous verses indicate that Yahya understood the Torah and worked with it when he was young, and it was narrated on the authority of Ibn Abbas - may God be pleased with him - that he said: (Understanding and worship was given when he was seven years old),

 * And from what was narrated on the authority of Yahya - peace be upon him - that the young men used to invite him to play with them, and he would say to them: (What is this that we were created), then he calls them to prayer, and among the qualities that God Almighty distinguished with Yahya - peace be upon him - the mercy that he put in his heart to be compassionate with.  On the people, and the purity of the heart that prevented him from falling into anything contrary to the command of God Almighty, so he was obedient to his Lord, the Exalted, the Majestic, righteous to his parents, humble, avoiding what God Almighty had forbidden, and in addition to these great qualities, God Almighty said, describing Yahya, peace be upon him:  Vadth angels stands to pray in the oracle that God Ibcrk the word of Yahya certified God and lord and Hsoura and a prophet of the righteous), it attributes that God made him lord other than honor and bashfulness, piety, and also make it Hsoura;  Desires do not come, are infallible from evils, and are authenticated by a word from God, that is, a believer in the prophethood of Jesus, peace be upon him, and God aligned himself with prophethood in order to inform his message and spread his call,

 * After research and scrutiny, none of the miracles of God’s Prophet Yahya, peace be upon him, were mentioned, except for what was mentioned of his birth despite his father Zakaria’s old age and his mother’s inability to conceive.  As she was barren, not giving birth.

 Attributes of Yahya, peace be upon him:

 * It was mentioned that Yahya - peace be upon him - was beautiful in face, good voice, strong in truth from a young age, and was far from the bliss and luxury of life, so he had no home, no slave, no dirham, or dinar, but he used to live in the forests and prairies, and wore fluff.  He eats grass, drinks from river water, and loves isolation from people, so the emergence of righteousness, conciliation, purity and purity. The death of Yahya, peace be upon him, differed narratives that talk about the killing of Yahya, peace be upon him, and in the following statement: It was said that Jesus - peace be upon him -  Yahya sent - peace be upon him - with a group of apostates;  To teach people the rulings of the Torah, and among what he was teaching them the prohibition of incestuous marriage;  Like the sister, the daughter of the sister, and there was a king whose heart was attached to his niece, and he wanted her to marry, so Yahya denied that, and one day that king drank alcohol until he got drunk, so he said to that girl, Ask what you want.

 * And he was achieving her every day she requested, and her mother said to her: Ask for Yahya's head in a basin, and she asked him to do that, but he refused the order, and when his mind was gone from the abundance of wine, he approached her and she refused, so he ordered that Yahya be slaughtered in a bowl, and the head was slaughtered.  He says: (It is not permissible for you to marry her), and he took the blood to boil in the pot, so they put dirt on it, but it remained that way, and one day a king named Khirdus invaded them, and he besieged Jerusalem for a long time, but he did not open it and wanted to return from it, except that an old man from the children of Israel said  To him: (If you want to conquer the city, divide your army into four parts, and make a part on each side of the city, then raise your hands to the sky, and say, We will open you with God and with the blood of Yahya bin Zakaria, and after you open it, kill for his blood so that he can dwell).  The old woman told him, and Medina was conquered, then she told them where the blood of Yahya, peace be upon him, was, and he killed seventy thousand of them until the blood stabilized.

 * It was said that the time of Yahya - upon him be peace - was a king called Harduch, and he had a daughter of a prostitute named Azbil, and one day she saw that prostitute Yahya - upon him be peace - and she was impressed with him, so she sent him and took him on his own behalf, and he refused, then she came to him again and again, but he  Every time he refused that, so she was afraid that her matter would be revealed, and she consulted her mother, so she advised her to ask for Yahya’s head - upon him be peace - from her father as soon as he asked her about her need, so she did so, Yahya, peace be upon him, was slaughtered, and after that she regretted her action, and it was said that it was mentioned in the Torah in the name of  The murder of the prophets, where she killed in one day seventy prophets, the last of whom was Yahya, peace be upon him, and it was said that she was the first to enter Hell, and she has a pulpit in the fire that is tormented by her, so that all the people of the fire hear her screams.

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