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 Causes of poor livelihood,

Causes of poor livelihood,


  * Provision in the life of every person is a number of things that make him anxious about a lot of thinking about it, and among these things that a person thinks about day and night and occupies his mind and his thinking and takes most of his interest in the subject of livelihood, in terms of finding a job or by thinking about how to provide a decent life  And no one denies that the subject of livelihood is a topic of great importance, but a person must take the legitimate reasons that God Almighty has prescribed for us, and which facilitate him to bring provision, and to be constantly attentive to the goal for which he was created, which is the worship of God Almighty.  : (I did not create jinn and mankind except for them to worship).

  * The worship of God Almighty is fulfilled in its concept and performance by seeking provision when a person seeks it in the fear of God Almighty and by the means that God Almighty has shown us, and the person must trust in God Almighty after he takes the legitimate reasons that bring provision, because God Almighty is the one who knows all servants and their conditions, and he is the one who  He guaranteed them sustenance and decreed it for all of them without exception, and he did not forget any of them, as God Almighty said: (And in the sky your provision is as long as you are promised * then the heaven and the earth are yours, for there is a parity.)

  * A person must be at ease, relax his heart, and praise God for his livelihood, whether it is a lot or a little, and if it was a lot, he should not show off himself and feel arrogance and arrogance that had it not been for his pursuit, work and intelligence, this provision would not have occurred.  Because God Almighty is his provider, and all that he possesses of the means, wisdom, intelligence, work and pursuit is the grace and sustenance of God Almighty.

  Causes of narrow livelihood:

  * There are many reasons that prevent a person's livelihood, and among these reasons that restrict a person's livelihood are the following:

  - Neglecting the remembrance of God Almighty: Whereas the person who is distracted by worldly desires and which takes him away from the real goal for which he was created, which is to worship God Almighty, is negligent, so the slave who is busy collecting his daily sustenance and livelihood from the remembrance of God Almighty and performing ritual acts and duties  What God Almighty has commanded us to make his livelihood narrow for him, as the Almighty said: (O you who believe, neither your wealth nor your children will divide you from the remembrance of God and whoever benefits you.)

  Usury: as usury is a great danger threatening society and corrupting its security, and it is a great and great sin that leads to cutting off human livelihood because of his dealing with something that God Almighty has forbidden. Therefore, some individuals dealing with usury in their dealings and sales leads to the disintegration of ties between them and severing them because of its effects.  Negative for the individual in particular and for society in general.  The Almighty said: (God erases usury and raises charity, and God does not love every unrighteous unbeliever).

  - Not to thank God Almighty for His blessings: A person should always be certain that God Almighty is the giver and the giver, and no one but Him, and that He provides His servants with His strength and will, not by their strength and will, and that all the reasons that God Almighty prepares for His servants is His provision.  People are abundant in his livelihood and he boasts himself before them that with his cleverness and strength he came to livelihood, not by the grace of God, then he does not thank God Almighty for his blessings, for he is thus denying the blessings, and whoever does not thank God Almighty for his blessings robs God Almighty from him and does not bless him with it.

  - Sins and sins: as sins and sins of both kinds, whether they are against God Almighty or they are against the servants, are among the greatest reasons that prevent livelihood and block it from a person, and it inherits in his heart worry, grief, distress and distress, the more a person continues to disobey God Almighty and follow  The paths of deviation and delusion. This was a major reason for the distress of his livelihood, the lack of contentment in his heart, and the extraction of the blessing from everything that came.

  Reasons for gaining livelihood:

  * Every thing has two sides. Just as there are reasons that prevent a person's livelihood, on the other hand there are reasons that bring and increase livelihood for him, and among these reasons that create a blessing in livelihood are the following:

  Piety: God Almighty’s fear of God is one of the reasons that bring provision to the servant. The Muslim who seeks the pleasure of God Almighty and performs the acts of worship and duties that He has commanded, then God blesses him in terms of which he is not counted and doubles his livelihood and reward for him.

  - Asking forgiveness: by remembrance of God Almighty and asking for forgiveness at all times for the sake of success in this world and forgiveness of sins in the Hereafter with the presence of the heart and a sense of that, because that leads to blessing in livelihood. How many things have opened and made the servant easier from the greatness of his forgiveness, while being keen on repentance from  Sins and sins, regret for them, and determination not to return to them.

  - Connections to the womb: And what indicates that the relationship of the kinship is one of the reasons for increasing livelihood, the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: (Learn from your lineage what you may reach with your womb, for the relationship of the kinship is love for the family, enriched in money and established in the effect), and what is meant by the hadeeth is to increase the blessing  Age means the increase in the good remembrance after death.

  Spending for the sake of God: spending for the sake of God Almighty relieves the soul of miserliness and stinginess, for the human soul is a sign of miserliness and lack of spending, and it is worth noting that God Almighty bestowed upon His servants with provision of various kinds, and He also commanded servants to spend, in order to obtain many rewards and good deeds.  .
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