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Who will be the last man to enter paradise

Who will be the last man to enter paradise

 The last man to enter Heaven:

 The Prophet - may God bless him and grant him peace - told about the last of the people of Hell, out of it, and he is the last of the people of Heaven to enter it, and hatred of the news came in more than one narration, including what Bukhari - may God have mercy on him - provided in his Sahih on the authority of Abdullah bin Masoud - may God be pleased with him - that  The Prophet - may God bless him and grant him peace - mentioned that the last of the people of Paradise to enter Heaven is a man who enters Heaven out of love.  God Almighty calls him: (Go and enter Heaven), and the man says: (Do you mock me, or: You laugh at me while you are the King), then he goes to enter it and he sees that it is full, and there is no place for him, then he returns to his Lord and addresses;  He says: I found it full;  Then the Lord - Blessed and Exalted be He - orders him again to enter it, then it happens to him for the first time.  He thinks it is full, and there is no room for him in it, and the scene is repeated a third time, until God speaks to him saying: (Go and enter Heaven, for you have a parable of the world and ten times it, or: You have ten times more than this world), and the man says: (Do you laugh, or laugh at someone else?)  From me and you are the king).

 The last categories to enter Heaven:

 * The scholars mentioned that among the last of the people of Paradise to enter it are those who passed the Path in peace and did not fall into Hell, and the people of customs whose good deeds and sins were equal, and their fate in the end of the matter is to Paradise as mercy and bounty from God, and those who came out of Hell with the intercession of the Prophet - God blessings  On him and peace - which he saved for the people of major sins from his nation, who are the unbelievers.  They have the origin of faith, but they enter Heaven according to differences between them.

 The truth of eternity in fire:

 * The majority of the Sunnis and the community are of the view that a disobedient Muslim does not perpetuate eternity in Hellfire, and this is only achieved by the unbelievers. As for the disobedient of the monotheists, if they enter Hell, they are tormented in it according to the extent of their sins without eternity in it.  Disobedient to his parents and other sins, young and old, and he did not repent, so he is vowed to be tormented in Hell, but he is not immortalized in it.  Because he did not come out of the circle of Islam with his sins, and God - glory be to Him - may be gracious to him in the beginning, forgive his sins, and make Heaven his first entry.

 The story of Yahya, peace be upon him,

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