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People banned from getting the Corona vaccine,

People banned from getting the Corona vaccine,

People banned from getting the Corona vaccine,

People excluded from vaccination:

 Why should some people be postponed to get the Corona vaccine?

 According to the "Times of India" website, a single dose of the Corona vaccine may not work for everyone in the world, as vaccines are not a one-size-fits-all, and even with a safe vaccine available, we do not know for sure whether it will work for everyone or not.  .  Also, there are certain groups that have been excluded from clinical tests, which means that there is no evidence yet of any approved vaccine for the emerging corona virus that works on them.  Also, many studies indicated that vaccines carry some interacting side effects, but some of them may be more severe or dangerous for some people at risk - and expose them to complications. This is one of the reasons that prompted some people to wait.

 Which groups were excluded from clinical testing?

 Children under 16 years old and women were banished

 Pregnant women, the elderly, and those with serious health complications are largely on clinical trials of vaccines.

 People with severe allergies:

 Of all the side effects and complications that have appeared in public now, the most dangerous ones were for people with allergies. The vaccines also sent allergy patients to the operating room, where they suffer from fatigue, trauma, swelling and other inflammatory reactions. Thus, getting the COVID vaccine may lead to an increase.  Fear in those with a previous or known history of allergies.

 Before getting an injection now, it is important that you are prepared for minor risks, and that you review your vaccination record as well.

 Remember, allergy-related complications are rare, and less fatal, but making an informed decision is always about.

 pregnant woman:

 There is no evidence to suggest that the Corona vaccine will not be safe for pregnant women.  However, administering the vaccine is against scientific judgment.  This is because pregnant women are taking care of another human being, who is in vital developmental stages, and have lower immunity as well.

 Developing a vaccine for pregnant women is also a trickier business because it requires more precision and sometimes dosing changes.

 People exposed to immunodeficiency

 Immune compromised systems mean that there is more room for some drugs and biochemicals used to make the vaccine interact differently or interfere with other drugs that support your health.

 Risk ranges for people with severe comorbidities, such as cancer, or for those who may take immunosuppressive drugs, or have a non-functional immune system.

 Young children:

 Vaccination of children is a good way to protect their health and in the current scenario, it also paves the way for the safe reopening of schools and educational institutions. However, the Corona vaccine, which has not been subject to the use of children, may be unsuitable for their immune system, which is still in the process of growth and untested doses  It may make them vulnerable to negative reactions.

 Vaccine trials in which children are participating have begun to accelerate their pace, which means that it may take two to three months before we really know how safe and effective the Corona vaccine for children is, therefore, some parents may make an option to postpone vaccination.

 What happens if I get the vaccine?

 Even with risks, there is a possibility that some people may choose to receive the vaccination now, or assign them to get it despite safety concerns. Doctors confirm that we do not have enough data to support or invalidate the work of the Corona vaccine at this time, and thus getting the vaccine remains an option.  Personally.

 A third new strain of Corona virus,

 Magdy Youssef, the correspondent of Sada Al-Balad in Brussels, revealed that a new strain of the virus has appeared in one of the regions of Belgium, explaining that scientists believe that this is the third type of virus that has strong and fast-spreading symptoms.

 He added during today's episode of "On My Responsibility", broadcast on the "Sada Al Balad" channel, and presented by journalist Ahmed Moussa, that the new strain in Belgium differs from the new strain spread in Britain, noting that the Belgium strain is very dangerous as there is a great increase in  The number of deaths.

 Youssef confirmed that Belgian scientists are conducting new laboratory analyzes to determine whether this is a new strain or not, referring to the health sector in Belgium that is witnessing a major crisis.

 Youssef denounced the chaotic scene in Brussels Airport that helps the spread of the virus, pointing out that the number of infected people is expected to increase during the coming period.

 Virologist Massimo Clemente, director of the Microbiology and Virology Laboratory at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan and a professor at the University of Life and Health, said that his country's authorities have closed the borders after the alleged new strain of the virus originally arrived in Italy.

 The virologist explained that "the alleged English strain of Corona virus, is not English, and it is not a different strain of the virus itself, and until now no one knows why it was presented in this way. It is a disturbing image that I hope we will not carry with us during 2021."

 "The new strain of the virus that is being talked about these days," was also identified in a person in Loreto (Ancona - Marche province) who had been tested for infection since December 18th, Clemente added in statements to the Italian media group Adnkronos.  Another, we closed the airports after we hit the virus on our backyard. "

 * The virologist pointed out that "these lights shining on the mutations of the Coronavirus (SARS-Cove-2) show a greater form, the importance of the challenge posed by the vaccine and herd immunity, and that based on the available evidence, the vaccine is certain of all virus chains as well, including  So precisely this alleged English. "

 Clemente concluded, "So I hope 2021 brings us less anxiety. We have all fallen into this trap, politicians first, and even some medical colleagues as well, in the last days of 2020."

 * A number of researchers discovered a new strain of Corona virus in Rio de Janeiro, which is one of the regions most affected by the epidemic in Brazil, according to a study conducted by the National Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LNCC), linked to the Ministry of Science and Technology, which was carried out jointly with the Federal University in  Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), the new variant was first discovered last October in the capital, for the homonymous country.

 * The study indicated that the new strain is a new type of virus that appeared last June, but was discovered in October, after analyzing 180 new virus genomes in patients from different parts of the city of Rio de Janeiro, according to the Argentine newspaper, El Tempo.

 So far, there is no evidence that the new strain is more dangerous, or that it is the same type that appeared recently in the United Kingdom, however, the researchers warned that it is necessary to strengthen prevention measures, because the mutation confirms the severe course of the virus in the region.

 * The virus mutation was discovered through the genetic sequence of the B. strain that has spread in the South American country since the beginning of the year, and the health authorities are strengthening monitoring measures for the new form of Covid 19.

 In the Ministry of Health's daily report for today, Rio de Janeiro reported a cumulative 4,11,369 positive cases of Covid 19 since the start of the epidemic last March.

 In turn, the Health Authority also reported 55,202 new cases of coronavirus across Brazil during the past 24 hours, which gives 7 million 318,821 cumulative cases.  For example, the epidemic caused 968 new deaths for a total of 188,259 coronavirus deaths, according to the ministry.

 * Kayed Omar, a political analyst, said that the hybrid type of virus is not more dangerous than the one that we have known before, and that experiments are continuing to find out the effectiveness of the vaccine dealing with the new strain of the virus in Britain.

 Kayed Omar added, during his meeting on Skype from London with journalist Amr Abdel Hamid on the "Public Opinion" program broadcast on the "TeN" channel, today, Monday, that the government in London had to re-close the fourth degree, which is a degree before the state of emergency, pointing out that no  It is permissible to go out except for health reasons or emergency reasons, and no more than two people can meet in the public streets or at home.

 * He explained that this period was a period of easing the quarantine, especially with the beginning of birthdays and New Year's celebrations, but the government required citizens to stay in homes and close all shops and restaurants.

 The effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine:

 The American "Wall Street Journal" newspaper said that the Chinese company "Sinovac Biotech" anti-corona virus vaccine has proven effective in exceeding the necessary 50% limit to protect against the virus, in the last phase experiments that are taking place in Brazil;  It gives the green light to license its use there.

 The newspaper indicated - in a report on its website - that Brazil is the first country to complete the third phase trials of the Chinese "Coronavac" vaccine, which is also being tested in Indonesia and Turkey, and given that the spread of Covid-19 is largely under control in China,  The country's vaccine developers have had to conduct their clinical trials abroad.

 People who participated in the Brazilian experiments - the third phase of which was completed last week - told the newspaper that the results showed that "Coronavac" is more than 50% effective, which is the level that scientists at the international level consider necessary for the effectiveness of vaccines.

 The newspaper said that the people it did not name refused to provide any other information, but the scientists who are monitoring the vaccine development process say they expect it to show similar efficacy to other Covid-19 vaccines, which experiments have proven effective by 95%.

 "Everyone hopes for an efficacy rate higher than 90%," said Domingos Alves, a professor at Ribeirao Preto Medical College in Sao Paulo who specializes in analyzing health data. "The results of the early stages of the trials were very good," said Domingos Alves.

 The Brazilian Botantan Institute, the research center supported by the Sao Paulo state government that conducted the vaccine trials, is preparing to announce its effectiveness tomorrow, Wednesday, and the institute said it considers any information released at this time about the vaccine’s effectiveness as "mere speculation."

 SouthChina revealed that the Hong Kong government has balanced scientific, logistical, commercial and political factors before choosing manufacturers to supply millions of coronavirus vaccines to city residents, according to health experts and people familiar with the selection process.

 Dr. David Hui Shu-cheung, a respiratory medicine expert at the University of Hong Kong, China, pointed to the decisions behind the city leader’s announcement, reaching agreements to secure 7.5 million doses for Sinovac Biotech and Pfizer-BioNTech.

 The newspaper said, Sinovac will provide one million doses next month, while Pfizer will distribute another million doses, via Foson Pharma, in the first quarter of next year, and a third deal with AstraZeneca, which also includes 7.5 million doses, is under preparation.

 Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam hailed the development as a "breakthrough" moment and said the government was ready to purchase up to 30 million doses to ensure the city's 7.5 million residents would receive two doses if they wanted, adding that the scheme would be free and voluntary.

 The pre-purchase agreements negotiated directly with vaccine manufacturers come at the top of the global Kovacs initiative procurement mechanism managed by the World Health Organization (WHO), along with two other platforms, Gavi, and Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, which the city has joined.

 Sinovac Vaccine:

 Professor Gabriel Leung, Dean of the School of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong, who along with other experts provides advice to officials on choosing a vaccine, said that the city largely made the correct decision, and based its decision on scientific and commercial factors, pointing out that Sinovac deserves to appear as a final winner as it is  They were promising from first and second trial data that were reviewed and published in the prestigious journal The Lancet

 "Just because Sinovac has not released Phase 3 data does not mean the data is going to be bad," the epidemiologist said.

 Leung said that Pfizer-BioNTech and AstraZeneca were also worthy victors. The first, developed by American and German companies, achieved the best results in the last stage of the clinical testing process, where two injections, taken 21 days apart, could provide up to 95% protection against  Corona Virus.

 It has been considered safe and effective and has received regulatory approval in Britain, Canada, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United States, and is used by Britain in the world's first mass vaccination of citizens of a country.

 * Counselor Professor David Hui Shuqiang of the Chinese University said that the government was right to adopt expert advice to diversify the risks by purchasing vaccines made from different "technological platforms". An important advantage of the Sinovac vaccine is that it injects a dead version of the virus into the body to generate  Immunity, a traditional and proven method already used to treat hepatitis A, influenza, polio and rabies.

 “The potential side effects of this technology are headache and rashes,” he noted.

 On the other hand, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is a new type of vaccine that uses parts of the genetic code, or mRNA, from the epidemic virus to give the body an "immune memory" and teach it how to fight Covid-19 in the future.

 Hui pointed out that the benefits of this experimental technology are that it has so far generated a good response to antibodies to the virus and can be produced in large quantities easily. The difficulty lies in relying on cold storage, in the case of Pfizer-BioNTech, in refrigerators at a temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius,  As Hui said, it requires distribution technology.

 Hui cited the government's explanation that the supplier, Foson Pharma, would ensure the integrity of the supply chain, which would take about 20 hours for European-made vaccines to arrive in Hong Kong, "The technical difficulties have been resolved, and I think that's why the vaccine was chosen."

 A source from Fosun Pharma told the newspaper that it will keep the vaccines at minus 70 degrees required by using dry ice in a cold storage device with GPS tracking function. Doses will be stored in refrigerators at the same temperature upon arrival in Hong Kong and transported between two degrees and eight degrees Celsius in vehicles.  To the inoculation sites, where they will be kept at this temperature in the refrigerator for a maximum shelf life of 5 days.

 But Leung warned that even after the start of mass vaccination, Hong Kong residents cannot take their beware of the spread of Covid-19.

 He said that monitoring after vaccination is necessary to determine if there are any serious negative effects, adding that the Ministry of Health has already started setting up a monitoring system for this.

 "Clinical trials have involved tens of thousands of participants only," Leung said, "but some rare diseases can appear once or twice in every 500,000 or one million people."

 Hong Kong residents will also need to continue wearing masks and observe good hygiene practices for some time after vaccination, as some people can still be infected with the Coronavirus, the newspaper said.

 Leung said that the AstraZeneca vaccine, for example, can reduce the chances of developing symptoms arising from the Corona virus by up to 90%, but it can only reduce the chances of infection by just over 50%.

 "That is why Hong Kong people still need to continue their good work wearing masks to prevent the spread of the disease," he said.

 Star Majid Al-Masry was infected with the Corona virus,

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