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How do I know my horoscope from the date of my birth and the most important characteristics of each sign

 How do I know my horoscope from the date of my birth and the most important characteristics of each sign

How do I know my horoscope from the date of my birth and the most important characteristics of each sign

How do I know my horoscope from the date of my birth 

Horoscopes are divided according to the date of birth of people;  People born in one month belong to the same sign, and we will show you how to know your horoscopes through birth dates in the following table: Date Zodiac March 21 - April 20 Aries April 21 - May 20 Taurus 21 May - 21 June Gemini June 22 - July 22  Cancer July 23 - August 22 Leo August 23 - September 22 Virgo September 23 - October 22 Libra October 23 - November 22 Scorpio November 22 - December 20 Sagittarius December 21 - January 19 Capricorn  January 20 - February 18 Aquarius February 19 - March 20 Pisces


 Horoscopes are a fun topic for readers, and many people resort to them before choosing the right life partner.  Horoscopes have spread widely among people during the current period;  As many of them searched for their daily fortune by resorting to horoscopes, astrologers, and their predictions, thinking that everything they were told was correct.  The constellations bear the names of animals, religious and mythological figures.  In the Holy Qur’an it is called the zodiac, and each has 30 arc degrees on the path of the sun.

 Lots of people associate matters of their personal lives with what the horoscopes talked about;  This may cause them to have a disease that is difficult to get rid of.

 The zodiac signs are divided according to the similarities and differences in the characteristics of the owners of the same sign.  There are individual qualities, and others that are common to individuals.

 Sections of the fiery constellations:

 She is all of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, and these are some of her characteristics: Common characteristics: movement, dynamism, creation, creativity, burning passion, confidence, love of freedom, courage, optimism.  Common negatives: Bullying, arrogance, vanity, extravagance, sensitivity, hostility, nervousness, and intensity.  Characteristics: The fiery baby is practical, controlling, outspoken, and striking.  Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn:

 * The most important characteristics are the following: Common characteristics: distinguished style, focus, realism, rigidity, focus on goal, confrontation (challenge), activity, saving, stubbornness, patience, balance, stability in thinking, calm and clarity.  Common negatives: love for matter, dullness, tyranny, stubbornness, adherence to principles, and stiffness in opinion.  Characteristics: The earthy child is constantly moving, spontaneous, realistic, clear in his opinion, steadfast in his theory, patience and ambition.

 Aerial towers:

 * Gemini, balance, and Aquarius, and among its characteristics are the following: Common characteristics: knowledge, culture, quick wit, perception, depth in thinking, idealism, dynamism, openness in relationships, love of speech, speed of decision-making, love of discussion, debate, and wit  , And fun.  Common negatives: chatter, anxiety, nervousness, lack of focus, indifference, superficiality, curiosity, insativism, and showmanship.

 Characteristics: Airborne is cultured, thinker, creative, good-natured, and talkative.

 Water towers:

 They are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, and among the most important of them are: the common characteristics: passion, calmness, sacrifice, love of help, romance, love of dreams, loyalty, sincerity, humanity, tenderness, tenderness, excitement, flow of feelings, indulgence, and commitment.  Common negatives: hypersensitivity, sluggishness, mood swings, impulsivity, exaggerated pampering, distancing from realism, and surrender.

 Characteristics: Aquatic Baby is emotional, dreamy, service-oriented, playful, and volatile.  Characteristics of the signs in love Aries: The owners of this sign have a constant desire to push their love towards a new state of stability, and for this their partner may be affected by the spiritual side of this topic.  Taurus: He is deeply emotional, and he is very loyal, and he can create a happy home life, and Taurus may go to the point of extremism in his attempts to make the partner happy.  Gemini: A child of Gemini is able to bear the mistakes of the partner as long as the surrounding atmosphere does not make him feel dull or bored.  Cancer sign: Cancer born has strong emotion.  He is looking for a balanced and responsive partner.


 He is the smart lover;  It can slowly introduce new ways to express love in a loved one's relationship.  Virgo: A Virgo man dedicates himself to his companions and is always ready to serve them.  Libra man: Home and marriage are the first beloved of Libra, so the time that Libra spends with his beloved and family makes him feel perfect to a large extent.  Scorpio: The feelings of a Scorpio are deep, and the recipe for intuition is remarkably accurate.  Its receivers pick up the expected partner at first sight.  Sagittarius: A Sagittarian relationship is exciting and long-lasting.


 A Capricorn is considered loyal in the marriage relationship.  He makes good sacrifices and strives to develop and make home relationships strong.  Aquarius: Aquarius is a lover full of passion, an outgoing and understanding, and loves to strive to maintain the bond for life.  Pisces: He is the most loving and tender among the owners of other signs.

 Characteristics of the horoscopes for men and women:

 * Aries man in Aries: Aries born has a heart in mind and a mind in a heart, and he may be selfish, but we rarely encounter a stingy pregnancy, so as much as he cares about appearances, and loves his life of extravagance and luxury, and every means that helps him to appear, he may not care much about wealth, in  In exchange for his interest in high positions, and a leadership role and providing a vibrant and exciting life.  He was attracted by the spotlight and fame, and all that pushed him to the front lines.  Generous and hospitable, respects the family and its ties.

 * The Aries man is affectionate, emotional, and daring, and he takes risks with courage.  He is one of the characters that fight violently, and accepts the challenge easily whatever the results, and he usually does not expect defeat.  With him, women will not be bored, as routine kills his enthusiasm, and he always needs excitement.  Aries woman: her independent and solitary nature allows her to depend on herself in various daily work and duties, and among her best qualities is honesty, optimism, and sincerity, and which satisfies her from a man is moderation of emotion.  Nevertheless, she is irritable, losing control of herself, and regaining her calm at a similar speed.  Her smile is always bright, and her optimism continues, albeit quickly, because of her sincerity and kindness.

 * If luck helped her and she found the right man, her husband would become one of the happiest men.  Taurus man in Taurus: demure, little moving, slow-thinking, and it is rare for him to fall in love at first sight, but when his opinion is settled and the truth of his feeling is confirmed to him, he rushes towards the source of his inspiration and his love with all his strength, resourcefulness, and means.  He loves the countryside and nature, as well as reading.  He plays the role of a parent to the fullest, as he cherishes his children, and is patient, hardworking, and hardworking.  His memory is strong, it punishes or rewards those who have not disappointed him or betrayed his confidence, constantly works for the future, does not take any risk that could put his family or his budget in danger, and searches for stability and tranquility within the framework of family and financial security.

 The woman in Taurus:

 * If there is a word that expresses the nature of a Taurus woman, it is competence, because her amazing ability seems to reach the stars, and then there is patience and endurance that raises astonishment, and from calmness and coldness what many men lack.  She is intelligent and intelligent, and she is not interested in high testimonies as much as knowledge and erudition, and for this we find her standing on the basic principles of each subject, leaving other complications.  She is the example of the practical woman.

 Gemini :

 The man in Gemini: One of his most prominent qualities is anxiety and lack of connection, so the woman who intends to associate with him must not lose these traits, and know that love in his view is one thing, and being driven by his own temper is another.  He hates isolation and solitude for long periods, and is loved by children.  It is said that the duality of this man makes him seek two love at the same time, and it is difficult for him to be satisfied with a woman of little intelligence, and he will only choose the one who has cleverness, resourcefulness, and flexibility.

 The woman in Gemini: The woman in Gemini has many faces and personalities, she has four or five personalities at least, the first of which is the loving orphaned, loyal woman, the second the bored housewife, the third the nervous and fickle friend, the fourth the ideal lady of salon, and the fifth the responsible mother  About the happiness of her children.  She is an anxious person, impatient, what she likes in a man today may provoke her anger tomorrow, fueling emotions, and sometimes provoking anger and anger, while she deserves pity and help.


 The man in the sign of Cancer: The child of cancer has a fertile imagination, emotional, and affectionate, characterized by a lot of sacrifice and childhood passion, and he is weak in front of the attraction and tenderness of others.  His personality is charismatic, close to the heart, friendly, compassionate, loved by people, and he respects the family and its ties, and his home is his fortified castle which he defends fiercely.  The woman in the sign of Cancer: her sadness comes and goes without reason, and her laughter always dominates her feelings, her imagination is fertile, and she is keen to the point of keeping small things that have no value, and her thoughts and talk are constantly revolving around money.

 The love of the Cancer woman is sincere and deep, her jealousy is little, and her emotional problems stem from within her because of her lack of self-confidence.  She is an exemplary mother with her tenderness and affection.  Leo The man in Leo: The Leo man and the woman are good, emotional, and bossy at the same time, so that the Leo man is like a prisoner.  The personality of this person is totally bewildering, and at least one thing he has that no one can deny is his competence in love and deeds.  The woman in the sign of Leo: The Leo woman is often likened to the flower of the sun circle, because whatever she is directed, all eyes are directed towards her.  She is emotional to the utmost degree, and does not deny her delicate feeling, and she often warns others of the consequences of their mistreatment of her.

 The shortest way to her heart is compliments, she prefers classic and sporty clothes, and she is an excellent housewife, a great hostess, and an ideal mother.


 The man in the Virgo: It was not created inevitably for the passionate and thirsty woman, and if this woman is destined to fall in love with a man of this kind, her fire will turn into frost, because of his cold appearance, material outlook, and his thought that is far from illusion and imagination.  The weapon of a woman with this man is patience, patience, and caution, and he is humble and loves to analyze.

 The woman in Virgo: emotional and realistic at the same time, she enjoys the purity of thought and the purity of the sacrament, and she can be an ideal wife, sharing her man's worries and troubles, keen on his money, keeps his secrets, and organizes his actions.  It is rational and does not dream of glory and fame, as much as it seeks to play an active and main role, within the limits it sets for itself.  Libra man The man in the Libra sign: The most generous people in distributing advice free of charge, and he has the correct answer to every question and issue.  A man's curiosity in Libra is limited, and his interest in theories outweighs his interest in the human being himself.

 This is his main problem with his partner.  His role in character cap rule and guide.  A woman in Libra: Her need to feel security and tenderness is one of her most important weaknesses. She needs a man who provides her protection, even if she does not need him financially.  Man and love are the focus of her life, as she hates loneliness, and may need it from time to time.  She has a great duality within her, which makes her live in a great struggle between her femininity and romanticism in her work, and between her intellect and her cultural inclinations, so we meet an emotional baby girl who unleashes her feelings, her love for change and diversification, and the latest trends of the age.  And another child born is rational and objective, and is interested in intellectual aspects, analyzing matters, and marriage is a very disturbing matter, and his idea does not like her, because she considers it a prison that restricts her movement,

 * But when she marries, she respects the marriage contract and is devoted to it, and first takes care of her husband, then her children and her home, and loves to be unique in her beauty.  Scorpio The man in Scorpio: He has a great capacity for love, sacrifice, tender, honesty, frankness, and sincerity, and in return he loves control, possessiveness, and is distinguished by jealousy and many doubts.  He lives his life as if it were a battle, and he must win it, whatever the motives and causes.  His love is an extraordinary relationship, characterized by a special logic that many may not understand.  He sees everything in his life with a different look than others, as he analyzes and verifies very quickly.

 The woman in Scorpio:

 Strong personality, sensitive, compassionate, emotional, and very tender.  Her will is steel, inclined to mystery and knowledge of secrets and mysteries, and she enjoys an extraordinary magnetism, and she searches for everything strange, and for the depth of things and life.  She is distinguished by a strange wit, and she is organized and successful in various affairs.  Sagittarius man in Sagittarius: realistic, rational, despite his series of dreams, affectionate and affectionate, he loves children and protects his wife and family with tenderness, and his love is linked to tactful behavior, wrapped in the character of respect and protection.  He is sometimes accused of being purist and selfish, and this may be a wrong estimate, because he is kind-hearted even if his criticism is bitter and sloppy,

 * But they are the only weapons in front of him to forget the offense and what is bothering him.  Fun and easily blows his confidence, which puts him in the maze of chatter that attracts his attention.  A woman in Sagittarius: She prefers to simply live away from complications, problems, and turbulent situations.  She looks at life with optimism and hope, and sees things in a positive and bright perspective.  She is attracted by fame, the lights of life, and everything related to people and society.  She faces her problems with cold nerves, even if she feels the pain deep inside, and is not good at solving her problems, while she is skilled at solving the problems of others.

 * Accepting challenges that deplete their powers and mental capacity, and at other times they succumb to reality, master the art of escaping and evading responsibilities, being smart, and mastering opportunities and exploiting them.  She has the ability to analyze, and sense things first.  Capricorn man in Capricorn: What strikes us most about a Capricorn child is that he is not rushed into marriage, despite his great love for the family, and respect for its ties and traditions. However, he thinks first of all about achieving himself, on a practical and material level, and reaching his goals without anyone's help.  In his love and relationship, whether his path to success seems long or unclear.

 * One of his most important qualities is that he is idealistic, well-organized, tough on himself in various directions of life, respects the law, duties, and responsibilities entrusted to him, tries to live in peace, is loved and loved by people, and does not hesitate to provide his services and assistance to anyone.  The woman in Capricorn: a talented artist who must prove herself in a field someday, but marriage often stands in the way for her.  She is always gentle, reserved, and in emotional situations she is tense.

 She is a woman of a full-fledged society, and she hates hypocrisy and lies.  Aquarius The man in the Aquarius: We may not be able to say that the man in the Aquarius sign loves all people with sincere and abstract love, but we can confirm that he considers all people without exception worthy friends of his attention.  He surrounds himself with extreme secrecy, and at the same time considers every person or incident a mental experience that deserves curiosity and investigation.

 The woman in Aquarius:

 * The Aquarius woman does not pay much attention to the compliments and compliments that others praise her, as she has a degree of self-confidence that gives her the moral support of others.  She tries all the time to monitor the reactions of those around her to what she says or does, and she believes very much that life is worth living.  Pisces man in Pisces: one of the most prominent manifestations of his personality is curiosity free from bad faith, as he chats sometimes before thinking, revealing his secrets unintentionally, but on the other hand he refuses to reveal something, and he speaks slowly, thinks quietly, and tries not to interfere with what he does not mean,  But others' problems haunt him against his will.

 The woman in Pisces: dreams of a man who takes care of her, is gentle and peaceful, and she feels safe to others.  Do not insist on the man about anything, but rather everything you want him to live with and with her in harmony.  It is possible that she behaves in inappropriate behavior that she did not appear before, and she may slip her tongue with sharp speech, or she may complain and complain.  She is intelligent and elusive, and hides shyness, confusion and lack of self-confidence.  She pretends that she does not need a man, while longing for someone to take care of her.  She is a virtuous, affectionate mother, who knows the art of listening.

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