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The husband's inheritance from his wife

The husband's inheritance from his wife

The husband's inheritance from his wife


The husband's inheritance from his wife:

 God Almighty said in His Book Al-Hakim (And you have half of what your husbands left, if they did not have a child, then if they had a son, then you have one half of his wife ...  If she does not have children, and if she has children, then his share is a quarter of what she left, and the existence of children is no different if they are male or female, and in return the wife inherits from her husband a quarter if he does not have children, while if he has children then her inheritance is the price of what he left.  Pointing out that the presence of more than one wife does not differ in inheritance between them, even if it is from them unless it is included with them,

 * This is what was determined by the law of God Almighty, where he said: (And to them one-fourth of what you left, if you did not have a child, and if you had a child, then the price is for them ...)  Men and women in inheritance sometimes appear to say that the inheritance system is changed in Islam, considering that it is not appropriate for the age. The truthful statement is that the Muslim should strive to develop and fit in with the provisions of Islam, as inheritance is a complete and integrated system, which cannot be viewed from one side, rather it is  Each by a group, a part of which cannot be canceled.

 * Most of the sayings that try to object to inheritance are based on a comparison between a man and a woman, but those who follow the cases of inheritance that a man and a woman share finds that the man takes twice as much of the woman in only four cases, while there are twenty other cases that are between equality in inheritance between a man and a woman,  Or her share is more than that of a man, in addition to cases in which the woman inherits and the man does not inherit.

 Inheritance in Islam:

 Inheritance means deserving a part of what the deceased left, and the reason is due to a marital relationship, kinship or loyalty, and there is no doubt that the system of inheritance in Islam is a system free from human interference and their deficiencies in thinking and science, it is an impeccable system that came from the Creator of the Knowing Universe, the Wise Expert, where  The system of inheritance in Islam came to preserve the rights of the child, even if he was a fetus in the womb of his mother, and balanced justice between the woman and the man, and the knowledge of the obligatory duties was established to show who inherits and who does not inherit, and the amount of inheritance for each person,

 * It should be noted that there are rights related to inheritance that must be implemented, arranged as follows: Removing the amount of preparing the deceased from the inheritance.  Rights related to inheritance;  As a mortgage debt.  Absolute debt;  Such as zakat, penance, loans, and so on.  The will.  Inheritance;  And it is distributed among those who inherit.

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