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Early symptoms of breast cancer

Early symptoms of breast cancer


Early symptoms of breast cancer:

    Breast cancer has many symptoms and signs that everyone should pay attention to, as most patients initially notice one or two symptoms and signs of breast cancer, but these symptoms may be similar to the symptoms and signs of other conditions, so their appearance does not necessarily mean breast cancer, but in  In this case, it is recommended to visit a specialist,

    Here are some of these symptoms and signs:

    A lump in the breast or armpit area A lump or group of thickened tissue in the breast area is the first symptom of breast cancer that most women feel, and it is always best to see a doctor to check the nature of this nodule.  Although most of them are benign lumps;  Any detection that is not cancerous but early detection is the best way to avoid problems,

    Most benign breast tumors can be divided into several forms, such as: Normal lumps that are more noticeable before your period.  A fibroadenoma is a collection of fibrous glandular tissue that is common in women under the age of 30.  Cysts are a common condition in which sacs of fluid appear in the breast tissue.

    * Swelling under the arms or near the collar.  Some symptoms, such as swelling of all or part of the breast, or swollen lymph nodes around the armpit or near the collarbone, may occur before the initial tumor has spread to the breast to the extent that you can feel it.  A lump in it This occurs as a result of the spread of breast cancer in these areas, so it is advised to see your doctor if you feel any swelling in any of these areas.

    * Breast pain and tenderness: A woman may feel pain in one or both breasts, and it may last for a while and then stop, but the feeling of pain in the breast is not considered a sign of breast cancer, as breast pain is common in women.  In many women, and in some cases, the cause may not be known until after testing, but it is recommended that you consult your doctor for advice on how to treat the pain and to determine if additional testing is needed.

    A flat or raised area in the breast A flat or raised area in the breast is caused by a lump that often cannot be felt or seen and may be due to other causes.  Changing the shape of the breast or nipple.  Some healthy women may experience a lump or pain in their breast just before their period, but it is helpful for women to know the size, shape, and texture of their breasts to understand the changes that breast cancer can cause;  It may cause the breast to enlarge or change its texture or shape,

    Some of these changes include:

    Unexplained change in breast size or shape.  unexplained breast swelling or withdrawal;  Especially if it is only on one side.  There is asymmetry or similarity between the breasts, and it is worth noting that some women have slightly larger breasts than others, but if the asymmetry is new, consult your doctor for examination.  Boils anywhere on the chest.  A lump, redness, peeling, bulge, or bump on the skin of the breast, nipple, or orange peel.

    The presence of a marble-like area under the skin that differs in texture from the rest of the breast.  Inverted or slightly inverted nipple.  Unusual nipple discharge Do not panic when seeing nipple discharge, nipple discharge can certainly be dangerous, but in most cases it is normal or caused by simple conditions, and although milk secretions in non-breastfeeding women have nothing to do with breast cancer, these  They are warning signs, so you should consult your doctor if you notice nipple discharge so get it checked out.

    Reasons for visiting a doctor:

    Breast cancer is easily treatable and curable when detected at an early stage.  Early detection and treatment of cancer are key factors in determining outcomes, as early detection is the best way to combat breast cancer.  It is recommended to visit a doctor in several cases, such as:

    * Concern that breast tenderness or tenderness is dangerous.  Detection of a tumor in the chest, although previous mammography was not a problem.  Schedule regular mammograms.

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