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The reason for calling our master Al-Khidr by this name

 The reason for calling our master Al-Khidr by this name

The reason for calling our master Al-Khidr by this name

Quranic stories:

 God Almighty revealed to His Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, the miracle of the Noble Qur’an, which is the book of God Almighty that is worshiped by its recitation, which is considered a comprehensive constitution for the nation, including provisions, directives, lessons, lessons, and examples.  The verses and surahs of the Noble Qur’an also included many Qur’anic stories in which there were lessons and lessons for people of understanding, and among these stories is the story of our master Moses, peace be upon him, and al-Khidr,

 Who is the green?  And why it is called by that name ?

 In the hadith, “Al-Khidr was called because he sat on a white fur, that is, a piece of dry grass, and then it was shaking green.” Narrated by Al-Bukhari.., and it was said that if he prayed or walked in a place the earth around him turned green.

 The story of Moses, peace be upon him, and al-Khidr, our master Moses, peace be upon him, addressed his people one day, explaining to them that he knew who was on earth at that time, and he did not attribute this knowledge to God Almighty, so God Almighty revealed to Moses, peace be upon him, that there is someone on earth who is more knowledgeable than him, and he asked  Moses, his Lord, to meet this man, and commanded him to take with him a lump and put a whale in it, and that when he lost the whale, he would find the greens.  Our master Musa, peace be upon him, set out with his girl, Yusha bin Nun. On the way, Musa and his young girl took him to a rock where they could rest.

 * The whale crept out of the block without realizing, and after they went on their way, Moses, peace be upon him, ordered a girl to bring their lunch, and a girl told him that they forgot the whale at the rock, so they went back on their tracks until they returned to the rock. 

   When they reached her, they found an old man with her, so Moses asked him to teach him what God had taught him, so they set out on a journey in which Moses saw actions that appeared to be harm and evil, as Al-Khidr breached the ship they were boarding, then killed a boy he saw on his way, and erected a wall of people who refused to add them.

 * And after Al-Khidr explained to Moses, peace be upon him, the reason for his doing all these things, Moses, peace be upon him, was certain that knowledge is the grace of God Almighty, which He bestows on whomever He wills of mankind.  Al-Khidr Scholars and historians differed a lot about the personality of Al-Khidr, as some of them considered him a prophet from among the prophets, and that God Almighty has prolonged his life until he catches up with the Antichrist so that he lies

, and some of them saw that he is a guardian of God’s guardians, and it was said that he is the son of Adam for his crucifixion.  The most correct view is that al-Khidr is one of the prophets of God Almighty, because of His saying: (And I did not do it on my command), meaning that he did it by revelation from God Almighty to him.

 The story of Moses with al-Khidr:

 One day, Moses, peace be upon him, stood as a preacher to the Children of Israel, and they asked him about the most knowledgeable of the people of the earth, and he told them that he is the most knowledgeable of those on earth.  God Almighty reprimanded him because he did not return the credit to him, and informed him of the presence of a righteous man who is more knowledgeable than him in the Bahrain complex;  So Moses - peace be upon him - asked his Lord about how to reach this man, so he ordered him to go out and take a whale with him and make it lump * and in the place where the whale is lost is the righteous man;  So Moses - peace be upon him - set out, taking with him his girl Yusha bin Nun and the whale, and when they reached the rock, they fell asleep and fell asleep;  So the whale came out of the conglomerate and fled to the sea after drinking from a spring of water found in the rock, which is called the spring of life, when the soul was returned to him, so he fled because of the words of the Messenger of God - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him-:  Except for Hayyi, and it hit the whale from the water of that spring - he said: So it moved and slipped from the masses.) 

* God Almighty prevented the flow of water in the place through which the whale fled so that its trail would not be erased, and when Moses - peace be upon him - woke up, he continued his path without inspecting the whale, he said - the Most High -: (And when Moses said to his girl I will not leave until he reached the two pools of the sea  Or he spent some time * When they reached a meeting place between the two of them, they forgot their whale and made its way into the sea in a swarm), and after it crossed the place that God commanded him to reach, he became tired, so he became tired.  Remember the girl then to tell him something whale escape when they were at the rock and was forgotten so only the devil said the Almighty: (when aged over said to a girl, give us our lunch has been greatly from our travel this monument * said, What do you think it Ooana to the rock, I forgot the whale and humanity only  Satan made me remember him and took his way in the sea in a marvelous way. 

 * So they returned to the place where they had lost the whale, and they found the righteous servant there. He - the Most High - said: (He said that we were not stubborn, so they came back after their tracks * So they found a servant of our servants. We came to him by mercy.  Musa - peace be upon him - greeted him and introduced himself and told him that he had come to teach him;  So the righteous servant who was al-Khidr recognized him and told him that God - the Most High - had informed each of them of knowledge that the other did not know, so what was his wisdom known to one of them will not be the same for the other. He - the Most High - said:  Can you be patient with me * and how can you be patient when you have not received news of it.)

 * However, Moses - peace be upon him - insisted on his company and told him that he would not go against his command;  Al-Khidr agreed on the condition that Musa - peace be upon him - would not ask him about something until he made it clear to him what he might object to. He - the Most High - said: (He said: You will find me, God willing, patient and I will not disobey you in a thing.  );  So he started walking on the coast of the sea, and a ship passed by them, and those in it knew Al-Khidr;  So they took Moses and al-Khidr with them without payment.  Musa - peace be upon him - was surprised when Al-Khidr uprooted one of the ship’s boards on arrival*;  He denied his action, which was not in keeping with the kindness that the people of the ship offered them. He - the Most High - said: (Then they set off until, when they had embarked on the ship, they broke it.

 * It was not from Al-Khidr except that he reminded him of his condition, so Musa - peace be upon him - apologized to him, explaining that this was nothing but his forgetfulness. He - the Most High - said: (He said: Did I not say that you would not be able to be patient with me?  At that time a sparrow stood at the edge of the ship and wanted to drink from the sea water, so he pecked at it.  Al-Khidr likened the amount of knowledge that they had in comparison with the knowledge of God - the Most High - as the amount of water that the bird drank from the sea, for the Messenger of God - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - said:  of God’s knowledge except what this sparrow lacks from this sea).

 * The lodge from the ship and walk on the coast even watched the Greens boy playing with his companions grabbed his head and uprooted, killing him, the Messenger of Allah said peace be upon him: (Vantalega, if the young man playing with the boys, he took greens head from above Vaqtal his head with his hand);  So Moses - peace be upon him - was quick to deny his action, as he had no right to kill a soul. He - the Most High - said: (He said: “You killed a pure soul without a soul, you have come with something undesirable.”)

 * So it was not from Al-Khidr except that he reminded him of his condition a second time, and Musa - peace be upon him - apologized to him and told him that if he objected to something again, he should leave him and not accompany him, he - the Most High - said: (He said: Did I not tell you that you could not be patient with me?  I asked you about something after that, so do not accompany me, for you have reached an excuse from me).  They continued the march until they reached a village whose people refused their hospitality. Al-Khidr saw in it a sloping wall about to fall;  So he adjusted his inclination and Moses - peace be upon him - informed him that if he had taken a fee for his action, we would have been able to obtain the food that the people of the village refused to provide to them. God - the Most High - said:  So he set it up. He said, ‘If you wanted, you would have taken a fee for it.’”

 * It was only from Al-Khidr that he told him that the moment of their separation had come, and he would explain the wisdom in all the actions that he denied him, he - the Most High - said: (He said: This is a separation between you and me.  This is only to get rid of the oppression of a king who used to take every good ship from its people by force;  So he wanted to make a defect in it in order for this king to turn a blind eye to it, and if that happened, the people of the ship hurried to repair it and make use of it. He - the Most High - said: (As for the ship, it belonged to the needy working on the sea, so I wanted to blemish it, and the two of them were lost).

 * His killing of the boy was because he was ungrateful to God and his parents were believers, so it is feared that they will follow him in his religion out of love for him and in need of him;  He wanted God Almighty to Arozkhma who is better than our land, said the Almighty: (The boy was the parents are believers Fajhina that Arhgahma tyranny and disbelief * We wanted to Abdelhma Rabhma better than it Zakat and closer Rakhmo), and the wall, which amended its tendency was beneath a treasure  for two orphans living in Medina, and this treasure was gold, as Ikrimah - may God be pleased with him - said, and Ibn Abbas - may God be pleased with him - said treasure was knowledge, and Abu Dharr - may God be pleased with him - said it was knowledge written on a golden tablet, and God Almighty wanted  - To preserve it for them until they reach adulthood, because of the righteousness of their father,

 * This is an indication that God Almighty takes care of the protection of the offspring of the righteous servant, and Al-Khidr concluded his conversation with Moses - peace be upon him — that everything he did was only by the command of God Almighty, He said - Almighty -: (As for the wall, it was for two boys.  orphaned in the city and was a treasure beneath them was their father wanted good Lord to advise the full potential and Astkhrja Kinshma mercy from your Lord, and what I did for my command that interpretation unless it shines Sabra).  Where did Musa meet with Al-Khidr? Scholars differed about the place where Musa - peace be upon him - met with Al-Khidr on three sayings, which are as follows: The Bahrain Complex, which is the place where the Persian Sea in the east meets the Roman Sea in the west, which is the saying of Qatada and others.  Bahrain in the Maghreb at Tangiers.

 * The Bahrain complex is located in Ifriqiya, which is the saying of Ubayy bin Kaab, or in Tangier, which is the saying of Muhammad bin Kaab, or they are the rivers of Kar and Rass that flow into the sea, which is the saying of Al-Suddi.  The Bahrain complex is Bahr al-Rum, which is the White Sea, and Bahr al-Qalzam, which is the Red Sea, and the area where they meet is called the Bitter Lakes and Lake Timsah, or that the Bahrain complex is in the Red Sea at the place where the Gulf of Aqaba meets the Gulf of Suez because the children of Israel, when they left Egypt, settled in this  The area that witnessed their history and this is the saying of Sayyid Qutb, the author of the book Shall Al-Quran

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