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 hidden traits of scorpio

hidden traits of scorpio

Scorpio features:

    Scorpio has many characteristics that make it attractive and interesting, such as:

    High concentration: When they set a goal in front of them, they don't let anything distract them and they try to reach their goal.  Courage: the owners of this sign are not afraid of the challenges they face, they possess great strength and courage, as if their hearts were made of iron.  Honesty and Loyalty: They greatly value honesty, trust and loyalty in their lives, as these qualities are inherent in them.  Ambition: They have high ambitions and a competitive advantage that defines them to pursue those ambitions.

    Disadvantages of Scorpio:

    They also have some flaws that can scare people, but once you know them, it will be easier to treat and understand them, and as I mentioned earlier, these traits may not apply to all people with this sign.  For example: Jealousy: You can be very jealous of others or the envy of their partners towards others.  Possessive love: The owners of this sign never accept people who share their life with someone else.  Confidentiality and secrecy: they say little about others;  To protect your privacy.  Love to control: They love to control others and have power and never let anyone else control them.

    * Revenge: Do not let anyone offend them, and do not forget the evil no matter how long it takes, and you will wait for the right moment to harm those who offended them.  The general features of the Scorpio personality are considered mysterious characters as I mentioned earlier, and it is not easy to break this mystery and enter into his life or quickly identify his true personality, but it has many features that appear automatically.  To make an effort to discover them, including:

    * He always searches for the truth and does not rest until he finds it, and his mind does not stop thinking.  He's so confident that he might sound intimidating.  She loves to meet new people, but she has to spend some time alone with her thoughts in order to arrange her life.  He loves to do many solitary activities and adventures on his own.  He prefers winter rituals, cold and quiet nights.  He loves to receive gifts and prefers gifts of special importance and which have a high moral value.  She loves strong colors that show off the strength of their personality, such as blue, purple, and red.

    Friendship and Family in Scorpio:

    Family relationships are so important to a Scorpio and she is so devoted to them and always working to find time, care and take care of the family that sometimes it can be annoying and they never get tired.  Family activities that can be done and do everything in their power to protect their children, always encourage and support them in their future plans and always motivate them for the better and even their friendships are very strong and strong and treat them as if they were an integral part of the family, very loyal and honest with them, do not pretend to be hypocritical or pretend friendship with  Others and be able to bring joy, pleasure and value into the lives of their friends, all people should do this to make friends with Scorpio Honesty, direct honesty without demanding, speaking directly what is on his mind and showing loyalty and honesty.

    Working with Scorpio:

    * Scorpios tend to engage in competitive professions that force them to progress and grow steadily, and their high ambition ensures that they do not stop until they reach the top, but they do not like to brag about themselves and their achievements in front of others or outside the world and present their work as easy and unattainable.  They are by nature leaders who do not have to strive to become brilliant and outstanding leaders and business leaders with the ability to work in a group and lead, but rather their extraordinary energy and strength in the workplace.  Work with others and can also create your own business and be very successful.

    * They are also not afraid to talk to their managers, and from a financial point of view, they can identify their financial needs and work to meet them, and although in everyday life they are never expensive, but I know the value of money and I do not waste it, whatever it is, I spend a lot for the ones I love.  They are very generous and often keep the money so they don't go bankrupt.

    Scorpio love:

    Scorpios have a lot of passion in their romantic relationships, despite the independence and love of privacy, in love it is completely different.  They are always working to improve communication and dialogue in their relationship and share their feelings with loved ones and loved ones.  Discuss them before making a decision and they are close and strong partners, they provide support and encouragement to their partners and whom they can count on, in addition to being very sensitive to love, even with all the external force that appears on them, but they are kind, tender feelings and have extraordinary emotional strength.

    The scorpion:

    * Scorpio was born in the period between October 23 and November 21, this sign belongs to the element of Water and belongs to the most intense star in the zodiac and has two ruling planets, Pluto and Mars, together explaining their strength and tremendous ability to succeed and choose from the zodiac symbol symbolized by the symbol  Scorpios and lucky numbers are 4, 13, 21. It is believed that owners of signs belonging to the element of Water, such as Pisces and Cancer, can build strongly compatible relationships with Scorpio;  Because they can understand and appreciate their feelings, as well as the owners of signs belonging to the element of the Earth, such as Capricorn and Virgo;  They are also able to support and empower them, while owners of air signs such as Gemini and Aquarius can continue their relationship with Scorpio, but with difficulty,

    * When it comes to their relationships with the owners of signs belonging to the fire element, such as Leo, they never agree.  Of course, you can not be sure of personal relationships, based only on the analysis of horoscopes, and not all rules apply to all people.

    Characteristics of a Scorpio man in love:

    * For a Scorpio man, love means a lot to him, it is the most important thing in his life and he expects his partner to recognize love as such and from his traits in love: he prefers reciprocity.  Of the men who pursue a woman if he does not love them and gives them the same attention, but the Scorpio man treats the woman exactly as you treat her and does not accept being treated inferior or degrading even if he loves then.  She treated him as you would treat him, if she cared for him, cared for him, cared for him, and gave him his love in return.

    *If she is not interested, he will also seem disinterested because it will be like a mirror to her, completely reflecting her behavior.  Showing interest in a girl and ignoring others When a girl is around, a Scorpio man completely ignores everyone present and does not give importance to any of them, but rather focuses only on his friend and does not allow him to be distracted from his appearance and conversations and this is a clear and distinctive sign that a man is a sign  However, Scorpio is really fond of the girl to whom he devotes all his attention, and his interest will be very obvious, leaving no doubt that he loves her very much.  A lot, which is one of the signs a girl can easily see.

    * To miss:

    Usually a Scorpio man drowns the girl he loves with a lot of piercing looks and this is one of the distinguishing features that a Scorpio man loves for a girl, he will continue to look at her and follow all her actions and movements, which is very remarkable.  Something, but a Scorpio guy wouldn't do that unless he totally liked a girl.  Following the method of absence, the Scorpio man cares a lot about trust and loyalty and puts his friend in many attempts to make sure that he loves him and that he is worthy of the full trust he will give him.

    * And that she is the right girl for him and that she deserves all the love he gives her, so she applies the method of absence to him, which means that she will disappear for a while and stay away from her and do not share her messages with her to know if she will miss him and ask him and take care of his absence or that it will not affect her much, and this is one of the ways  Which draws a man Scorpio his image.  Her boyfriend's interest in him and her value in her life.

    Trust and loyalty:

    A Scorpio man does not trust quickly and easily, but once he is sure that this girl is the right girl and deserves to attract his love and attention, he will not hesitate to open his heart and share his secrets and what comes to his mind to deepen the relationship and create more closeness between them, and since the Scorpio man is mysterious, this trait  She will be very clear in love and character, and this is due to the fact that he does not share interests and secrets with anyone, but when he shares them with a girl it means that she means a lot to him and that she really won his heart,

    * also means trying to establish a lasting relationship with her;  Because this is the goal of the Scorpio man from the deep relationships that he develops in his life and this means that he is very loyal to his relationship with the woman he loves and will never think of letting her cheat on her or lie to her.  , but he will be more loyal to her.  He likes to ask questions Scorpio men ask a lot of questions to the girl they love, and these questions usually refer to matters related to the heart, so he often asks her if she loves him and how much he loves him, and he keeps asking if he trusts him and that because of the emotional dialogue between them, in addition to calming the heart  About her love for him, this man must constantly discuss emotional issues,

    * This method allows her to open up a lot of emotional issues that she might not be able to discuss.  Expression of love Scorpio men do not resort to a hint method of expressing love, but usually sincerely confess their love if they are confident in their feelings and will not be satisfied with the small word they like, but the lover will repeat it again;  This is to make her feel their love and they will spend a lot of time with her expressing their love and care and will not send anything or anyone from her.


    * The Scorpio man is considered one of the most jealous characters of the woman he loves, and he loves to control everything and from him always tries to control his partner, and the Scorpio man is usually very jealous for illogical reasons and is sometimes considered lacking in value.  And his health is unfounded, but this is due to the nature of his character and not to the fault of the partner.

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