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 Cancer pros and cons

Cancer pros and cons

Cancer characteristics:

    The owner of the sign of Cancer has many good qualities that make him unique and kind, including:

    Creativity: He has a wide imagination that allows him to see things from new and different angles, which makes him creative and imaginative.  Passion: He has a lot of feelings and emotions that he can share with others which makes him a reliable person.  Honesty: He cares about those around him and sticks to them and sincerely saves them and will not betray them or abandon them no matter what happens.  Thinking: He gives warmth and tenderness to everyone, thanks to his high sensitivity and ability to share with loved ones.  Intuition: He has a strong intuition that allows him to reveal the intentions and secrets of the people around him, which he uses as a mechanism to defend his sensitivity towards them.

    Offer: gives moral and emotional support to others and empathizes with them even if you do not have a good relationship with them.  Persuasion: He has a great ability to persuade people around him and his ideas.  Protection: He tries to protect those around him, especially those he loves, from anything that might pose a danger and does everything in his power to keep them safe at all times.

    Disadvantages of cancer:

    The owner of the Kancer brand may have many traits and characteristics that are undesirable to many, but it should be noted that these characteristics may not be present in all persons belonging to that brand, including:

    Mood: His mood can get worse in a few moments if he feels unappreciated because of his feelings or jealousy, but once something makes him happy, his mood also returns in several moments.  Negativity: Look at the negative side of things that happen to him and affect him easily most of the time.  Allergies: They can be affected by the smallest of things because they are very sensitive which makes them unpredictable and difficult to treat comfortably.

    Imagination: Sometimes he thinks and draws conclusions based on his imagination, thoughts and feelings, which can cause him problems and make him annoy those around him.  Suspicion: tends to protect himself from others so as not to be taken advantage of, and doubts everyone until he has gained his full trust.  Resentment: Many things can upset and anger him, which affects him negatively, causes him to worry, and also affects the people around him who do not know an easy way to satisfy him.  Revenge: He cannot forgive those who hurt his feelings, and sometimes take revenge on him.

    Family and friends in Raku:

    Cancer considers the family a priority and has strong family values ​​that he adheres to and never gives up. He is ready to pass them on to his children. He is distinguished by a high ability to ensure the safety and warmth of his family. He is willing to sacrifice anyone for his happiness and comfort. Immediately after his family took second place, his friends ranked  the second.  At the top of his priorities, he is known for being very loyal and loyal to them, he befriends people who feel comfortable close to his family and friends need to be able to understand his feelings and appreciate his emotions in order to gain his trust.

    Working with Cancer:

    Cancers are great for open work environments that allow them to make their own decisions and act with complete and absolute freedom and prefer working in roles that require movement and direct interaction with others to make them believe they are developing their passion and skills, but they are developing their own.  Intuition and emotion can sometimes be an obstacle to their development and success in the workplace, Cancer likes to do serious work that requires effort to do and can be reflected in roles that rely on emotional communication, such as psychiatry, marketing and cancer. They do not usually work in desk positions and are often concerned with providing  Money that covers his needs in a way that he does not feel the need for more money than his needs and the needs of his family.

    Cancer love

    * The owner of the Cancer sign is very careful in his emotional relationships most of the time and does not enter into fleeting relationships to a large extent to protect himself and does not harm his heart and when entering into an emotional relationship remains cautious before opening completely with his partner and appreciates a lot of effective and continuous communication with his partner and can sometimes be conservative to keep him away  About anxiety and fear and also it is not easy to give in to the strengthening of love and to hold on tight and trying hard to stay with it is for life, your Cancer partner must be understanding and a good listener so that they can build a strong and successful love relationship and also, they must be patient and open to their feelings.

    Cancer: Born between June 21 and July 22, this sign belongs to the element of Water and is ruled by the Moon, making it one of the most emotional, childish, vulnerable and gentle zodiacs.  , and the fourth order in the astrological sign symbolizes the crab symbol.  Lucky numbers are: 2, 3, 15, 20. It is believed that the owners of signs belonging to the element of Water, such as Pisces and Scorpio, are able to build a strong and harmonious relationship with Cancer;  Because they are able to adapt and accept their emotions, as well as the owners of signs belonging to the element of the Earth, such as Taurus and Virgo;  They form strong pairs with Cancer, while owners of fire signs, such as Aries and Leo, may still have a difficult relationship with Cancer, but they must work hard for happiness, as well as their relationship with their owners.  An element, like Gemini and Libra, never get along, and their relationship will be difficult, and of course you can not be sure of personal relationships based only on the analysis of horoscopes, these rules may not apply to all people.

    Characteristics of a Cancer woman in love:

    A man can do a lot to earn and maintain the love and trust of a Cancer woman, and her vision of love must be understood to earn it, including:

    * Rely on your partner for help.  She feels shy at the beginning of her romance and prefers to be with her partner in places where other people are;  To relieve stress and feel comfortable.  He wants to be in charge of the relationship and sometimes decides activities with his partner.  He feels his partner's feelings and condition and expects them to do so and will be able to understand their motives and know their opinions and thoughts before they are spoken.  At the beginning of the relationship, she prefers to know her partner well, so that she feels safe with him before opening up and telling him everything about her;  Do this to protect yourself.

    *She has a sensitive personality and turns into a cold and cruel woman if her partner hurts or hurts her feelings and needs space to change her feelings.  She has a childlike spirit, loves to laugh and have fun with her partner as well as being romantic.  Her partner can count on her, needs to support her and make her as happy as possible.  He gives complete care and love to his partner.  She has high expectations about the way her partner should express his feelings and love for her.  He treats his partner with tenderness and tenderness.  You need to be with a partner who understands him so that you can build a happy relationship with him.  Enjoys a good sense of humor in the company of a partner.  She has great confidence in her partner.

    * He loves being in a romantic relationship more than anything else.  She tends to take dramatic situations with her partner and can become intense and innate at times.  She needs a partner who can give her lots of emotional support and be kind to her.  She is attracted to a brave and loyal man who will always protect her and never allow bad things to happen.  She expects the guy to take the first step, trying to get to know her and unravel the mystery to her.  She tends to stay in a stable relationship that makes her feel safe and doesn't mind if she and her partner are left alone together, out of the world.  She should be with a man who loves her very much and appreciates her for what she is;  Be happy in your relationship.

    * Strongly inclined to establish relationships with her partner and is far from selfish.  She expects her partner to know everything she loves and to remember important facts in her life;  For her, this indicates the degree of love and interest in him.  I like traditional romance;  as gifts and chocolates.

    * She is patient with her partner and fights for the success of their romance.

    Characteristics of a Cancer-loving Man:

    There is a wide range of traits and practices that a Cancer man will happily follow, the most important of which are:

    *The Cancer man tends to be emotionally controlling, and his partner follows him with whatever he wants.  She protects her partner from dangers and other people.  She loves to take care of her partner and knows how to attract her and make her feel safe with him.  You want a long-term romantic relationship and you've planned it from the start.  He is attracted to strong, intelligent, independent women who have their own lives حياته

    *She loves being in a relationship with a partner that motivates her to think, makes him laugh, and is with him when he needs it.  He should be with a partner who can take care of him and listen to him when he complains and thanks him;  He does this often.  He loves his partner to depend on him and ask him for help doing things;  Even if you don't need it.  He does everything to make the woman he loves happy and win his heart and can get depressed if he doesn't share his feelings.

    * He takes total honesty and integrity with his partner and expects the same from them.  He avoids quarrels and conflicts with his partner, suppresses feelings and anger, so the partner should help him express them.  Tends to set and follow certain rules in his relationship with his partner;  So she feels safe.  She has a sensitive personality that often attracts women, but she has a sensitive side that her partner needs to discover and show.  He expects his partner to give him a lot of love.

    * He is looking for a partner with whom he can develop a cohesive and stable relationship.  He does not like casual relationships.  He should be with a partner who understands and appreciates the romantic and sensitive side.  He is shy most of the time and doesn't show any real personality to any woman he meets.  finds it difficult to express his feelings and emotions;  Which makes him show his feelings randomly and randomly.  She is jealous of her partner, sometimes possesses and does not accept the presence of other men in her life.  He has an emotionally unstable temperament in his relationship;  Be calm and reserved sometimes, sometimes enthusiastic and extroverted, and you never know when his mood will change.

    Cancer compatibility with other signs:

    It is believed that Cancer can build strong and perfect romantic relationships with both Scorpio and Pisces;  They have a sensitive personality and likewise live their lives like Virgo and Taurus;  Their compatibility is often great, but his relationship with Aries, Aquarius, and Sagittarius is punctuated by many challenges due to the huge differences in their personalities and he has to work hard on the relationship to be successful, and he is often attracted to Capricorns;  Because he sees it compliments it and they can build a balanced relationship together, Cancer has a lot to do with Gemini,

    * And Leo who makes the relationship between them good, and his relationship with Libra tends to be successful because of their high romantic relationship and the need to form a happy relationship and of course you should not rely on horoscope compatibility only to choose the right partner.

    * Cancer The owner of the sign of Cancer was born between June 21 and July 22, Cancer belongs to the element of Water with his fellow Sagittarius and Pisces, and the fourth zodiac system is symbolized by the crab symbol and is also ruled by the Moon;  This makes people with this sign unable to control their inner emotions and feelings, Cancer people are distinguished by courage and initiative to help others and are famous for their love of art and hobbies, they tend to love white color and lucky numbers.  2, 3, 15, 20, but these features may not apply to all types of cancer.

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