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 Gemini personality traits

Gemini personality traits

Gemini Specifications

    Gemini (21/05 - 6/20)

    Gemini planet: Mercury

    Lucky numbers for Gemini: 12-21-30-48-47

    Gemini Gemstones: Agate

    Gemini type: antenna

    Compatible Twins: Libra - Aries - Leo - Sagittarius

    Works suitable for Gemini: talk shows - merchants - explorers - translators - books - publishers

    Gemini traits: intelligent - bright - clear - young spirit - multi-talented - sociable - adaptive

    Twins cons: tense - or at least uncertain - nervous - cunning - interesting

    General Specifications of Gemini:

    If you attend an intellectual seminar and a participant stands up to discuss his idea with you and convinces you of it, turns to reject it and tries to persuade you, then I know you met a Gemini.  He is two people in one person who carries with him different opinions and ideas, elusive to the extreme or even contradictory and unstable in times and moments, you can see happiness, love and pleasure in his features, but at the same time he carries with him sadness and pleasure.  Pain, not sitting on a stable or bright mood.  He changes his friends one by one, and for a short time you will not find him sitting in one place.  His desires or work, he always tries to change them when he changes his clothes.  These are the people under the influence of Mercury.

    They are often seen in coherent businesses, such as radio and television announcers, advertising and marketing representatives, who describe people as a magnet and none of them are calm and fast, and you cannot clearly understand their words...  Most of these people are of medium stature, have quick movements and smooth faces, and their eyes are large and have a special charisma, but their appearance does not focus on anything in particular, which can confuse you and perhaps their instability is due to the abundance.  From the thoughts that fill their heads, the color of their skin is affected by the sun, and their characteristic features are dimples on the cheeks, which makes them more beautiful, especially for women.  Gemini has a sharp and perceptive mind, can philosophize all problems and with his logic wins every verbal discussion, but at the same time he does not use logic to offend others, works at the computer while talking on the phone.

    He almost suffocates if he feels routine and inaccurate in his meetings, no matter who is waiting for him.  And here is the story: a friend told me about her fiancé who invited her to a movie party in the evening when she did not want to go to the cinema, but she was persuaded to go with him and waited for him until he was late.  .  At the same time, he rushed and apologized to ask her by waiting for him in the car for one minute, during which he would enter the company to take his papers, and so the fiancée waited for an hour until he came to his face.  Which brought happiness and pleasure and was in the greatest anger, but he managed to persuade her not to go to the cinema and meet tomorrow at a concert.  I didn't tell you that he can prove to you that what he did is not his responsibility and that these are matters beyond his control, but he can get your approval for future projects.  Twins are curious and have an innate intelligence.  In search of knowledge, they are constantly discovering people and places.  They make sure that they are bright, smart and lively, and they will be the center of attention for any outfit.  You may have the illusion that you will reach or match their level of intelligence.

    And Gemini's duality makes it hard to know exactly who you're with.  At times, Gemini seems domineering, reckless, and prone to whims.  These traits make it difficult for Gemini to complete most of the things they have started.  The opposite of this dual personality is his innate ability to multitask, which is a good thing considering the diversity and diversity of his interests.  The intelligence of the Gemini sign is the key to their existence and the basis of their ability to communicate with others.

    Gemini people are not designed to be leaders and usually prefer a leadership position to someone else.  However, their clean and clear mindset, as well as their creativity, allow them to make a positive contribution to any project.  Since Geminis love to talk and talk, they often have an audience to listen to.

    Furthermore, their carefree spirit and interest in almost everything makes their company great.  Since Gemini was lively and energetic, her best clothes were the loose-fitting clothes in which she would feel comfortable.  She was far from her when it came to tight clothes and she is a practical figure and appears in her dress.  To keep pace with the art of fashion and what attracts most attention is his good taste in choosing the colors that suit him.  Concerned about her looks and charm, Gemini loves to travel and it is a constant thought in her mind.  He wants to follow and discover all that is new in the countries of the world.  And when the opportunity to travel comes, he quickly uses it and packs his bags for a trip to a new country.  She is tired of traveling by land or sea, because it is a slow road that does not suit the life of Gemini, and in her travels she does not like to play on the warm sand of the beach, she prefers to sit in the sun with her new friend on a hot and romantic date.

    In general, if you are a Gemini friend, then you should think carefully about the choice of gift to give him, and your gift should excite his imagination and good taste, do not be traditional in the gift.  Watch out for his persuasive speech: talking and talking are his favorite hobbies, you find many who speak foreign languages, and their speech is of course rich, logical and attractive.  He can convince you of any topic.  In his logic, all funny theories become rational, and he undoubtedly has a fertile imagination, and yet he is honest and truthful, to some extent boastful and exaggerated.

    Although Gemini has good qualities such as sharp thinking, tactics and tactics, he lacks patience and perseverance, he looks for new, leaving what he has in his hands to not wait.  And the heart of Gemini hits with love suddenly and without waiting, and from here the phone calls begin to strengthen the relationship and establish love bonds, and then soon you will communicate with a new love, but you are not satisfied with one relationship, but rather create more than one relationship for each relationship at once.  Obviously, this is due to the fear factor inherent in it, and this clearly leads to natural disasters.

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