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Steps to write an article professionally

Steps to write an article professionally

Writing an interesting article

How to write an article correctly.

 Writing academic articles is one of the most important elements of excellence and success in the educational, secondary and university stages.

 Writing the article requires a special talent, so you find many students who cannot write a correct article.  Knowing that an academic article is different from an article that needs creativity.

 In the academic article, you can write it correctly if you learn several steps and rules and adhere to them. You excel in writing the article with ease.

 Definition of the article

 It is writing that deals with one specific topic.  At the university or at school, it is considered a form of formal writing.

 The purpose of writing this article is to convey a certain idea to the reader and convince him of it through a number of real proofs based on a sound scientific basis.

 What does the article consist of?

 The basic elements for the success of an academic essay.

 Introduction to the article.

 The article should have a clear introduction that summarizes what it contains.  What is the purpose of the article?

 Organized logical diagram.

 A set of paragraphs that have a systematic and logical sequence,

 Reliable academic sources.

 Article content.

 The conclusion of the article summarizes the content and purpose of the article

 Article types.

 Articles differ from each other according to their content and the way they are presented.

 Analytical article.

 Controversial article.

 Explanatory article.

 Comparative article.

 Essay on problem and solution.

 Cause and effect essay.

 * Before writing any article, you must know which of these previous types you will write through the question put to you.  It must be read well and understand the opening words in it.  Such as (discuss. Analyze. Explain the difference.. and so on from the words).  Because these words are what will tell you what kind of article is required of you.  And you can write it easily.

 * Steps to write an academic essay,

 Articles are of several different types in terms of length, subject matter and content.  Despite that, the writing of the article follows the same steps and rules, and it must all contain an introduction, content, and conclusion.

 It has three main stages that it goes through:

 1- Preparation stage.

 It is preparing the topic of the article that you will talk about and choosing the appropriate name for the article.  It is a very important stage that will make it easier for you to write an article successfully.  It serves as a strong foundation for your article.

 Understand the purpose and intent of the article,

 The first step in the success of the article is to understand exactly what is required of you.  You can do this through the following.

 * You must read the question posed carefully.  And you search for any part that you do not understand by asking a specialized person.

 Determine the length and purpose of the article.  The scheduled date for delivery. The method of delivery is paper or electronic.

 It defines the type of article.  Write a list of the main points that the article is supposed to contain.  You can add whatever you want on it and also modify it.

 * Time to write the article,

 We specify the time required to complete the search and writing process, the maximum number of words.  Choose a topic and select it.  Avoid collecting too much information and exceeding the allowed word limit,

 Understanding the target audience:

 Be sure to know the level of knowledge of the target audience.  This will certainly affect your style of writing the article.  And the way you choose the words of the article.  Like Master Bacon directed to the expert class.  While an academic article is intended for an audience between ordinary and experts.

 * Ways to choose the topic of your article.

 Brainstorming method

 And write notes on the topic.  Or a friend's question.

 Free writing method.

 Take a general topic and write about it for a few minutes and gather some ideas on the topic.  and take from them the main idea of ​​the article,

 The method of borrowing from previously published topics and articles in the same field.

 After you have found a major area of ​​the article, search well to find a specific topic.

 A new and exciting topic that no one has dealt with before, or to address it from a different angle "and search for information and references that will help you in writing. The topic must be original and specific.

 Do the necessary research

 At this stage, you should start resorting to various sources of information, including newspapers, books, reliable websites, and others.  To find the details and information needed to build your article.

 Do not only search for information about the ideas that you prepared in the stage of choosing a topic, but also search for contradictory ideas and points of view, so that your article is scientific and not biased.

" In this article, we have provided you with everything related to writing an academic article in a professional and distinguished manner.  We explained all the details with ease and ease.  We hope you benefit from it."

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