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Wood types and uses

Wood types

 natural wood

 Natural wood is defined as the type of wood that is taken from natural trees, specifically from the stem of the plant, which consists of cellulose and lignin as basic elements, and these woods are used in many industries, and are treated and dried with chemicals, to protect them from damage and pests  Natural wood has many types, and the most important of them are:

 soft wood:

 Softwood is taken from evergreen coniferous trees such as: pine, cedar, and fir, and its uses are famous in construction and commercial projects, because it is strong, durable and easy to handle, and the word softwood does not mean that it is not strong, as there are many types of wood  Softwood is very durable, and the consumption of this type of wood is highly environmentally friendly because its trees are fast-growing.

Douglas fir wood

 Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga) is taken from about 6 types of coniferous green trees, mostly those spread in western and eastern North America.  Which makes it one of the best trees that are made of wood.

 Eastern white pine

 Eastern white pine trees (Pinus strobus) are found in eastern North America, and the tree reaches a length of 20-30 m, and its trees are classified as solid, strong and highly flexible, and their color is light brown and may sometimes tend to red, and is characterized by its resistance to rotting and its ability to form, and this is used  The type of timber used in construction, carving, boat building, and trunking, is one of the most important commercial woods.

 Heavy pine wood:

 Heavy Pine Wood is widely used in making sturdy wooden furniture and children's room furniture, and it is one of the most important types of softwood, and it is classified as a solid wood that is characterized as heavy and durable, as well as shock-resistant and one of the heaviest and strongest woods.  But when this type of wood is exposed to water, it will become soft and may rot, and it is easy to scratch because it is soft to the touch, so it must be preserved to last for a long time.

Western red cedar wood

 Western Red Cedar is characterized by being rough and flat and suitable for all external construction works, such as: building huts and wooden rooms, fencing, wooden roofs, and outdoor coverings, since it is resistant to decay and insects, and red cedar is one of the most beautiful woods.  The world, as it is distinguished by its red color, and is easy to use despite its durability and hardness.

 Natural wood is defined as wood that is taken from natural trees, specifically from their stems, and is used in many fields;  Such as the manufacture of furniture, various wooden tools, floors, etc., and among the most prominent types;  Softwood, Douglas fir, eastern white pine, western cedar.

solid wood

 Solid wood Solid wood is taken directly from trees, and contains strong wood fibers, and this type of wood is used for the purposes of manufacturing furniture, cabinets, floors, and in construction work, and is characterized by being solid, durable and not easily damaged like some other wood, as  Its texture is rough, which makes it more susceptible to stains, and there are many types of it, the most prominent of which are:


 Walnut wood is known as black walnut, and it is the most common type of hardwood in America, and is characterized by its strength, color, shock resistance, in addition to its durability, and its colors range from light brown to dark brown, as it is relatively light in weight, and is used for carving,  Musical instruments, armories, floors, and plush furniture.


 Maple trees (in English: Acer Wood), from which this type of wood is taken, grow in both;  Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America as well, and this wood is strong, durable and resistant to cracks, and it can be cleaned with a damp cloth, which means that it is suitable for making kitchen furniture and various wooden tools, and the color of this type of wood is dark reddish brown.

cherry wood

 Cherry wood is taken from cherry fruit trees, and these woods are characterized by their pinkish-light brown color, which may tend to reddish brown over time, in addition to their softness and flexibility. Cherry wood is used in the manufacture of cabinets, panels, and small wooden equipment  Luxurious furniture and floors.

 Oak-wood :

 This type of wood is taken from the red oak trees (Quercus rubra), which is available in multiple types of up to 600 species, and this type of wood is characterized by its red-pink color, strength, durability, and resistance to fungi, used in making furniture, cabinets, and floors  , panels, and in turning wood.

industrial wood


 Plywood is also known as glulam, which comes in the form of artificial boards of a certain size, and consists of several layers that are glued together using adhesives at high pressure, and the number of these layers may reach 5, 7 or 9 thin layers,  This wood is used to make home furnishings, musical instruments, and craft items, and is soft, light and durable at the same time.


 Countertops are often used in kitchen countertops as an alternative to marble and granite, and can last for many years because they are durable and strong as long as they receive good care and attention.


 Fiber boards consist of wood fibers that are subjected to certain conditions;  Such as intense heat and high pressure to bond together, making these boards with a flat and compact surface, and fiber boards are composed entirely of wood fibers and sometimes combined with other materials by 1%, paraffin, which makes them more water-resistant, and are used in all wood industries.


 Industrial Hardboard is characterized as high-density wood boards used in the manufacture of furniture, interior household pieces, and cars, and also used in packaging.

The keyboard:

 Chipboard, also known as log wood, is similar to plywood but is made from wood chips or sawdust that are bonded together using synthetic resin and later formed into boards, and this type tends to absorb moisture and this can lead to damage.

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