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 Art and its impact on society,

Art and its impact on society,

Art and its impact on society:

 * Art is considered an integral and integral part of the cultural identity of civilizations and peoples, and it is of great importance so that it can be used to spread ideas, feelings, and influence the sensitive and articulated issues that people are going through.  Since art is of such importance and stature, the artist has had a great influence on his society, especially if he is sided with it, and towards just human causes,

 * He was able to express the pulse of the street, away from vulgarity and vulgarity, only then will he attain high importance and prestige, and he will be able to spread hope in the souls of his generation, and in the hearts of future generations.  The world of art and artists, as in any other profession, the owners of artistic professions meet with each other and form gatherings, conglomerates, and unions that take care of their affairs, and try to support them so that they can devote themselves to creativity and artistic production

 * As for the stereotype entrenched in people's minds of the world of art and artists, it is confined only to that society that includes those with the acting or singing professions, even though the art world includes all kinds of artists: actors, singers, composers, directors, dramatists, poets, painters, and sculptors  And others, all of these contribute in one way or another to enriching the art scene and advancing it.  Among them are many creative people who seek to serve the causes of their human peoples with all their strength.

 * The world of art and different cultures:

 The world of art and artists differs from one region to another around the world, as this difference stems mainly from the different cultures, their perception of the arts, and their reverence for them, and hence there is a great disparity between global artistic products.  Customs and traditions also play a major role in the development and prosperity of the artistic movement, 

in some societies the individual finds his complete freedom by choosing the specialization he desires, without losing any of his social worth, while the individual in another society cannot choose to be an artist, for example without sacrificing  In his social position, although people sometimes find their breathing and comfort with this person,
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