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 How is glass made?
How is glass made?

Where is the glass extracted from?

   * Glass is one of the most useful materials in the world, it is made of sand, soda and lime, and it has many uses in our lives that are countless, and some foods are preserved in glass containers, just as people drink water and drink from glass cups, and windows are made of it in buildings in homes and schools  Glass is used in the manufacture of glass, and it is used in laboratories as packages, in addition to the advantages of glass,

   * Used for decoration in adornment and beautification because it is an artistic material.  The beginning of the discovery of glass was when there were a group of sailors on a sandy beach made of silica, and when they lit a fire, they found a transparent liquid that sparkled, which is the glass.  .  Decorative porcelain was the oldest type of glass.  Where grains of sand fused with caustic soda or potash, and this porcelain was used to make beads and inscriptions in ancient times, the first real glass vessels appeared and the Romans were the first to pour window glass.

   They used it to let in light, and glass was found in a few ancient churches in the seventh century, but clear glass did not become popular until the seventeenth century.  Glass can be made in many shapes, it can be paste-like or it can become thin as a telescopic mirror, or it can weigh up to tons, and it can be stiffer than steel, or less brittle.  From paper, most of them are transparent, but can be tinted.

   Glass types:

  * When people talk about glass, they usually mean the transparent and shiny material that can be easily broken, and they may think that glass is made of one material, and in fact there are very many types of glass.  We mention, for example: flat glass: this type is used in the manufacture of windows and partitions placed between rooms, in addition to many types of furniture, and it is made in the form of chips, knowing that there is another type that is exposed to high heat so that it bends and becomes suitable for different types of cars that  They will be used in its manufacture.  Glassware

   * Where it is used in the manufacture of glass containers to fill foodstuffs, refreshments, chemicals and cosmetics, and many types of them are made and used in ordinary things such as: drinking glass or jars used in homes and ceramics.  Porcelain or vitreous: They are solid materials that are heated, and their atoms rearrange to organize themselves and are called crystals, and this type can withstand high and low temperatures.

   There are special types of glass such as:

  * Safety glass, laminated and tempered safety glass, tinted building glass, opal glass, foamed glass, building glass blocks, heat resistant glass, lab glassware and heat conductive glass.  We can divide the glass in terms of chemical composition into: soda and lime glass;  Contains a large percentage of sodium salts, sodium carbonate and lead crystal glass: It is a shiny glass, and its high density is used in the manufacture and preservation of antiques and chandeliers.  Food and beverages, and their use discontinued due to damage to human health.
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