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 Get to know the wolf animal,
Get to know the wolf animal,

the wolf:-

 * A very intelligent animal, but rather the wolf is distinguished by an intelligence ratio close to the level of human intelligence, and it is a courageous cunning animal and the wolf has two types, the Arab wolf and the gray wolf, and today we will talk about the Arab wolf.

 * Arabian wolf: -

 Today it has become one of the endangered animals and is only present in small numbers in some places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as in Palestine, southern Syria and Jordan, after it was previously spread throughout the entire Arabian Peninsula due to the many hunting operations that target wolves and their intentional killing and this is what  Bringing those interested in animal affairs and the environment to raise wolves in some nature reserves and start their reproduction again.

 The height of the Arab wolf is about 65 cm at the shoulders and the weight of the Arab wolf is about 17 kg, so the Arab wolf is relatively large in relation to its body size by comparing it to other types of wolves, the fur of the Arabian wolf is short during the summer period and in other seasons the hair of the Arab wolf grows to help it  On heating on cold weather days.

 * The Arab wolf does not prefer to live in groups except during the mating period, where the wolf lives alone or in flocks and leads a herd of wolves always the strongest wolf in the group and the mating season begins for wolves in the period from October to December, as wolves also meet in the event that a large meal is available  Wolves eat it all in this case.

 * The Arab wolf has a yellow eye color, like the rest of the wolf breeds, except that some Arab wolves have a brown eye color, and it is believed that the presence of the brown color of some wolves was the result of mating with wild dogs, the Arab wolf does not settle in one place except at the time of the birth of its young.  Condition wolves settle into place and provide a place for the little ones so that they can support themselves.

 - A female wolf usually gives birth to 2 to 3 kittens at a time, although it is possible for the female to carry 12 small puppies, the wolf is called a little wolf, and the wolf pups are born blind and the little ones start eating the meat after his parents chew it and it becomes soft after 8 weeks of  Their birth.

 * The Arab wolf feeds on goats, camels and sheep, as well as the Arab wolf feeds on the meat of dead animals and small animals such as rabbits as well as rodents such as mice.  It is twice its size, so the wolf resorts to a long-term policy to reach its prey and kill it.

 * The wolf uses his voice, which is called a howling, to announce the imposition of its control and influence on an area of ​​the land and alert other groups that any intruder will enter the area of ​​influence will attack with all ferocity if he tries to encroach on the ground or one of the members of the herd, and the howling of wolves can be heard from tens of kilometers away
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