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 Sad poems about parting,

Sad poems about parting,

* There are many varied poems that talked about separation, and among the most beautiful sad poems about separation.

 * A poem to separate a little by the poet of love and love Nizar Qabbani, in which he says:

 -Let us part a little for the good of this love, my beloved, and our good, so that we separate a little, because I want to increase my love. I want you to hate me a little, so that we are separated from loved ones, because the birds separate every season from the hills, and the sun, my love, is sweeter when you try to be absent.  My mother does not know the answer, so that we separate so that our love does not become habitual and our longing ashes, for in the name of a wonderful love that blossomed like a spring in our depths, it shone like the sun in our hearts, and in the name of the sweetest story of love in our time, I ask you to leave so that our love remains beautiful until its long life

 * One of the sad poems of longing, I cried, did the crying of the heart help?

 Parting my loved ones and longing for my grandfather!  What is the meaning of life if we parted??  And is wailing any good? I do not know!  The remembrance does not have mercy on me, so I forget, nor does the longing leave me to sleep, parting my loved ones, how much my grandfather shook, and until meeting them I will keep crying, I am tired, conceal the oppression of my love and stand up to all my envy, and I have no friendliness of anyone who knows about my life and what happened in it on the day of your love, I feel it on my birthday -

 * Where are you?  where are you?

 I pardon this life after you. I pardon the path of what leads you. I pardon the world of what is ruled by your eyes and where are you ??  My day and my evening rejoice, my pulse and my whisper each beating my heart every moment in which my longing "burns" with eagerness of my eyes, where are you? !!  I learned love under your right hand, I studied the meaning of love according to my choice. I want you to love me, but I want you not to narrow the world down, to become my home and your father to me, and you will satisfy my ego before I answer my apology, and your father knows if I try to separate you, I will try before it with suicide.

 * If I wanted to turn away from you what I had strengthened, and if I wanted to leave my heart, the one who says that I want to abandon you will bounce and say that my heart with your love is burnt and say that I am in your love that I lifted the important to the point of twilight and said that I am in the sea of ​​your love I laid on the paddle of passion my heart sank.

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