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 Educational Technology،
Educational Technology

Educational Technology :

 * The word technology is one of the most discussed words by many researchers and thinkers, as they had multiple opinions about this word.  The marked difference in the specialization of each of them, and the multiple developments that occur every day in the technological characteristics as well,

 * However, they agreed on one thing about it, which is that technology has existed since ancient times.  That is, since man began to invent and discover, as man discovered it during the primitive voluntary journey that he made in the environment, then he considered it a means, a tool, and made use of it;  To serve him, to provide assistance to him, and later on technology evolved to become an essential thing in human life,

 * Because of this great and surprising development, some thinkers have come to believe that it is the main responsible for all the changes taking place in the current society, and it is worth noting that the word (technology) appeared for the first time in the city of Germany in 1770 AD, and it consists of two parts: The first section consists of the word (  techno), a Greek word meaning: art, or handicraft, while the second section consists of the word (Logie), which means: science, or theory, noting that this word in the Arabic language does not have a clear meaning.  Therefore, it was Arabized and became pronounced in the Arabic language (technology)

 * With regard to the concept of the term educational technology:

 It means: the means that have been harnessed;  In order to serve the educational process, as these methods may exist in a simple or complex way, as well as they can be manual or automatic, and these means can be used individually or collectively, noting that this definition indicated that technology  Education is a term that includes the various types of devices, machines, and equipment needed in the educational process,

 * And that is since the invention of the old, or traditional, blackboard, up to the educational inventions available in our time, and it is worth noting that each of these methods has different features, as the degree of effectiveness of each one depends on the characteristics, the importance that is distinguished by it, and which are used accordingly.  Means of modern educational technology In the current era, there are many modern means that are used in the educational process, and these methods are divided into several types, including:

 * Manual operating educational machines: This type of machine is simple.  That is, it is easy to operate and use, as these machines were used in the service of the educational process;  Given that the teacher has a big role in it;  In addition to the use of these machines, it is a complementary element to the educational process, and examples of this type of machine are: the pointer that is used to identify a specific part or place of the lesson on the board, on the map, or anything else that the educational material shows.  This pointer is made of wood, or it may be in the form of a metal pen.

 * Mechanical educational machines: This type of educational machine works by moving its parts in a somewhat complicated way by a person, or by an electric motor, and there is another type of mechanical educational machines that works by converting the electrical energy that it acquires into light rays that move  In several directions, which leads to the presentation of the scientific content required in accordance with the direction of these radiations,

 * These machines are usually used with non-simple educational materials, bearing in mind that the more complex educational materials are diversified, and the more, the more diverse educational mechanical machines.  As there has become a large amount of educational mechanical machines, which form an interactive binary with humans;  To complete the educational process in the best way, and examples of these machines:

 The device used to display educational films, and the slide show device that uses educational slides for the material at hand.  Electronic educational machines: This type of educational machine uses electrical energy, and converts it into electronic energy, or it becomes in the form of electronic impulses that move inside them, and they differ completely from mechanical machines.  As they do not have light radiation inside them, and despite this difference, these machines contain mechanical parts inside them.

 Computer-assisted learning: people nowadays use computers.  To view different educational materials.  Intelligent computer-assisted education: means education using a computer equipped with artificial intelligence;  Where many programs that develop intelligence are used, so the learner becomes more responsive, and more understanding of the lessons, and this computer can be likened to a private teacher who takes a specific style of teaching according to each person, and through this method it is possible to distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of each learner.

 Benefits of modern educational technology:

 * Modern educational methods have multiple benefits, including: Diversity of educational experiences learned by the student: as educational technology provides students with many experiences and diverse attitudes, which are considered part of reality, and at the same time important for students, and the student gets certain experiences  The teacher cannot provide it to him in the classroom, and if the student is unable to obtain experiences;  These technologies provide alternative experiences in a simple, graphic way.  Changing the negativity associated with educational processes into an interactive process: Modern educational methods have encouraged students to interact, research, and discover
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