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The NATO ruled for divorce and his fugitives,

 The NATO ruled for divorce and his fugitives,

The NATO ruled for divorce and his fugitives,

NATO ruled for divorce and his failure: 

"Divorce law began to divorce, but made it from the ugliest halal to him and praise, sometimes the life of the house between the spouses has no dominance in which the marriage is not dominated, but may be 

in Ast Divorce in this formula comes in the picture of the comment in terms of obstruction; For the emergence of the condition, and the divorce did not respond to the act of condition, but its objective and destination was carrying himself or his wife or others to do something or leave it. 

* Pending divorce with the award of divorce rhythm: 

This divorce is not intended to carry anyone to do something or leave him, but intended to destulate the divorce actually when the condition is obtained, and this divorce is called a divorce, and an example to say a man to his wife: If you come NATO ruled for 

divorce and his violence: 

 The scientists in the rule of the Muslim alliance were divorced, in terms of divorce and not as follows: The first team went from scientists and the audience of scholars from the tap, and Malakia, and Shafi, To urge the act of order, or leave it, or confirm the news, or was a policeman intended by the penalty order if the condition did. * The imam al-Sarrazsi says: (The right is known to the phase even if he said: 

If you enter the house, you are divorced, he was edited by divorce, even if he said: "He said:" He said: "It is free to be right and the condition is the entry of the house. * Virtual and immediate gold to say that the right of divorce or alliance with divorce or divorce suspended is not originally even if the order commented on the divorce. Ibn Hazem says: (and right with divorce does not have to - whether he or herth - and do not live a divorce, and no divorce only as God Almighty, and the right only as God is wrong and God is on the tongue of his messenger - and peace be upon him and Ibn Taymeh and Ibn Ibn Taymiyyah says at the exhibition of 

NATO and its failure:

 (This faith is if he is from the faith of the Muslims, if there is no confusion, if not from the faith of Muslims, he has not needed anything, and even prove the right of the helper, which is obligatory and does not encourage it "Evidence of the first team evidence: The first team, and the audience of the four scholars, to tell them what comes: the verses of the Divorce Demonstration, and that God bless and exalted the order of divorce to the man, as saying: (Divorce twice)
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