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 The strongest types of eagles,

The strongest types of eagles,

the Eagles:

 * Vultures are known for being the most powerful birds of prey at all, the largest in size, and the most deadly to other birds and small animals, as there are many types of eagles on the globe that are distinguished from each other, and vary in terms of their strength, size and speed of flight.

 The most powerful eagles in the world:

 1- The Golden Eagle:

 * Known for being the strongest, most dangerous and fiercest species of eagles and raptors at all, it is distinguished by its golden-colored feathers mixed with the dark brown color, and it is found in North America, especially the state of Alaska, and it is rare in other continents, and the weight of the adult eagle reaches from three to seven kilograms, as well as  He can fly at a speed of 240 km per hour, and both rabbits and reptiles are considered his favorite food, and he may hunt deer, foxes and livestock.

 2- African Eagle:

 In the past, it was known to be the strongest eagle in the world in the ancient world, before the golden eagle was recognized, as the length of its adults ranges between 76 to 83 cm, and its weight ranges between 5.1 and 6.2 kg, and the length of its wings, which are spread, exceeds two meters, and it is the largest bird on the African continent  In terms of size, the strongest and the most dangerous.

 3- The black eagle :

The length of adult eagles ranges from 72 to 90 cm, and their weight is 208 kg, and the length of their wings, while they are spread out, is 2.1 meters, and is known for its ability to fly at high altitudes in forests and mountainous areas, and it is very present in tropical areas in  The continent of Asia, nicknamed the black punishment;  Because of the black feathers that cover its entire body.

 4- The white-tailed sea eagle:

 is known to have the largest extension of wings between eagles and raptors, as it has a wingspan of 2.4 meters, and its weight is 7.5 kg, and its length from its head to its tail ranges between 70 to 92 meters.  In the northern regions of the Asian and European continent, it is known for its white tail.

 5- Philippine eagle:

 This type of eagle lives in the Philippines, and it reaches a length of one meter, while its weight reaches 8 kg, and usually feeds on monkeys, huge lizards and other huge birds, such as the horn of the horn, and it is classified under the list of endangered eagles.

 6- The bald eagle:

 is considered the most beautiful eagle in terms of shape, and it was known as the bald eagle.  Because of the white feathers that cover its head and neck, and the length of a single wing exceeds two meters, while its weight ranges between 5.2 to 6.3 kg, it is an endangered prey, and usually feeds on fish, snakes, water birds, and dead animals

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