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Psychologically analyze children's drawings,

 Psychologically analyze children's drawings,

Psychologically analyze children's drawings,

Analyze children's drawings:

 * Children's drawings are closely related to the character, as children's drawings indicate their psychological state, and their internal problems, and psychologists help to infer children's psychological problems by analyzing their spontaneous and automatic drawings, and in this article we will learn about some analysis of children's drawings.

 1- Analyzing children's drawings. Drawing from the left of the page, then graduating to the right, indicates the child's illness and the need for tenderness and care from his family.  Drawing a large mother’s picture, and a small father’s image, this means that the child clearly sees the mother’s personality and its control over his father, or the home, and the diminished role of the father in raising children.

 2- Drawing in the mother's bosom repeatedly, indicates that he lacks tenderness.  If the child draws ugly faces, this indicates the hate and the large number of family disputes in which he lives, and if he draws his father or brother with an ugly face, this indicates that he is upset and hates him.  Drawing side faces indicates the difficulty of establishing relationships with others.  Drawing an unhappy or sad face is an expression of his true feelings at this time, and of the inability to cooperate with others.

 3- Drawing people without faces indicates the lack of identity, and the lack of a sense of his presence by others.  Eye drawing indicates the child's feeling that he is being watched.  Drawing a face without eyes indicates a lack of love for mixing with others. Drawing an eye behind glasses indicates introversion.  A child's drawing of a human body without hands or feet means that he does not know how to behave.

 4- Drawing the human body with large hands indicates that the child has stolen, but if the head is drawn in a large size, then that means that the child has big ideas, and if the head is drawn in a small size, this indicates that the child is shy.  If the mouth is drawn in large size with teeth protruding or hands are drawn long, this indicates that the child is aggressive.  In the case of drawing an open mouth, this indicates that the child is talkative and talkative.

 5- If he draws a car, that indicates the child's love for transportation.  Draw the stairs and ladder, this indicates that the child has optimism and an upward look.  Drawing animals indicates that the child loves to help others.  If he draws himself small compared to others, this indicates that he is not confident in himself and his personal abilities, but if he draws himself in a large size compared to others or draws his neck long, this indicates his self-pride and self-esteem, and he may be conceited by himself.

 Why should children's drawings be analyzed:

 To know the hidden feelings, fears or happiness are reflected through these drawings, which allows us to discover the child's psychological state without bothering him with questions that often have no answers.  Getting rid of fear and anxiety Drawing is the means by which the child drops the fears and anxieties inside him. Drawing is a kind of safety valve, and therefore it is an interesting way for parents and teachers to be able to help the child.
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