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How to work a network between two devices

 How to work a network between two devices،

How to work a network between two devices

Central network:

 * Two computers can be connected directly by installing a central network, as this method requires two network cables, one of which is connected to the "fixture" computer. There is no doubt that there are different types of home network installations, where there are Ethernet hubs and hubs.  USB, powerline wall outlets and Phoneline, and this method often requires additional costs used in purchasing cables and preparing the network infrastructure.

 Wired connection:

 * A wired network can be created between two computers as follows: Connect a coaxial cable or "DSL" to the Internet port or a modem cable for the user.  Connect the modem to the Internet or "WAN" port of the router through an "Ethernet" cable. This step can be skipped if the user's modem has a built-in router.

 * Connect an "Ethernet" cable between the "Ethernet" port of each computer with the open ports on the router or modem.  Click the network icon in the system tray, and check the wired connection.  Operating a web browser and connecting to the website, and if the site is loaded, the user must complete the connection, and the modem and router usage guides must be used in order to learn more settings and the extent of their need.

 Wireless connection:

 * It is possible to connect to another computer that is not connected by sharing the Internet connection "ICS" of the personal computer, and in general this wireless feature can be used to share the Wi-Fi signal in hotels or the airport via "ethernet", where the process uses two different network connections  They are: a first connection that connects the Internet,

 * And another connection passes the connection to the second computer, and it is worth noting that the Wi-Fi signal cannot be passed over Wi-Fi, but another plug must be used, and if the connection is made through “ethernet”, a connection cable must be used.  Inverted instead of standard cable.
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