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 Types of hyenas

Types of hyenas


 * Hyena are considered one of the mammals that reproduce by birth, and are considered one of the fiercest wild predators, and hyenas live either in groups or alone, and go out at night in search of their food, where they feed on carrion, animal remains, and other animal prey, in addition to their prey.  It catches it by itself, the hyena is distinguished by strong jaws with which it can crush the bones, and it has long front legs than the back, its head is large, and it cannot turn back its neck, and when it wants to turn it rotates its entire body.

 Living styles:

 * Hyenas prefer open agricultural areas and next to rocks, and they are among the animals that do not go out except at night, and do not go out during the day unless they are forced to do so, and the wailing of striped hyenas is not as hideous as the terrifying spotted hyenas whose sound resembles a hoarse laughter, and it is considered one of the carrion sweepers that is, it cleans the environment from the remains  Animals, bones and dry skins and feeds on them.

 Types of hyenas.  :

 * The striped hyena is scientifically called (Hyaena hyaena) and it is the most common and widespread and the largest in size, as it spreads in the entire continent of Africa, as well as in the Middle East, Anatolia, West India, and Pakistan, and in the past it was spread in Europe but it became extinct, most of its food on carrion and remains  Animal prey, as well as eating fruits and some types of insects and small animals, is distinguished by moving from one region to another (nomadic), hunting its prey individually, meaning that it is an isolated animal in general, although it sometimes lives in a small family, and lives in burrows and semi-desert areas,  And woodland forests.

 Spotted hyena:

 * Scientifically called (Crocuta crocuta), famous for its strange howling, which can be likened to a hysterical human laughter, this type of hyenas live in North Africa, Turkey and India, its size is smaller than the striped hyena, it is distinguished by its coarse fur, and its gray-yellow color with points  Black, distributed over the body and legs.  The brown hyena is scientifically called (Hyaena brunnea),

 * This type of hyenas lives in deserts such as: the Nambib and Hari deserts in South Africa, it is distinguished by its long and coarse body hair, especially on its back and tail, its color is dark brown, and its head is gray, the length of its body with the head ranges between (110-120) centimeters, and it is  Its height up to the shoulder is from (70-80) centimeters, and the length of its tail is between (25-35) centimeters, and there is no difference between a male and a female in terms of shape, except that males are a little larger than females, and its weight is between (40-)  43) kilograms for a male, while the female weighs between (37-40) kilograms.
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