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 What is black fungus

What is black fungus

"There has been a lot of talk recently about the black fungus, as a number of infections have been reported among those recovering from the Covid-19 virus. The health authorities in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries confirmed that it is not black. It is a type of Corona virus, but it is a fungal infection  It affects patients who are receiving immunosuppressants or people who have been immunocompromised.

    Madam Net met Dr.  Amjad Diaa Abdel Hai, Professor and Head of the Department of Nose and Sinus Diseases at the University Hospital and a member of the American Society for Respiratory Care in Cairo, to talk about the black fungus disease.

   What is black fungus or mucous fungus?

   Black fungus is a mucous fungus, a rare but serious fungal infection caused by a type of fungus called Mucormycete, which resides in damp places, where soil, plants, manure, fruits and vegetables decompose.

    The black fungus is not black in color, but it is called by this name because it turns the affected area, whether the skin, bones, mucous membranes, or organs, to black, accompanied by an unpleasant odor.

    It is one of the most dangerous and worst types of fungi in the nose and nipples, as it enters and appears on the skin and affects the lungs and brain, causing blood clotting.

    The black fungus mainly affects people who have health problems or who are taking medications that reduce immunity and the body's ability to fight germs and diseases.

   What are the symptoms of black fungus disease?

   Symptoms include: general pain and redness around the eyes or nose or both, congestion or stuffy nose, nasal discharge (black/bloody), localized pain in the cheeks, pain on one side of the face, numbness or swelling.

    In addition to: fever, headache, chest pain, cough, shortness of breath, vomiting blood, and altered mental status.

    Warning signs may include a sore or toothache, a swollen jug, and a feeling of blurred or double vision accompanied by pain.

    When should you go to the doctor?

   * When a black spot appears on the bridge of the nose / cleft palate, the symptoms of penetration of the teeth and respiratory system are exacerbated, especially if the patient has health problems or is taking medications that reduce the body's ability to germs and disease resistance.  These include people with diabetes, cancer, HIV/AIDS, or those who have had an organ transplant;  The disease affects the nipples, brain and lungs.

   What are the ways to prevent black fungus?

   Use masks if you visit dust-raising sites, wear closed-toed shoes, wear long-sleeved pants and shirts and long-sleeved gloves when planting or gardening, maintain personal hygiene and wash daily.

    How is black fungus diagnosed?

   It depends on the location of the suspected infection.  A fluid sample can be taken from the respiratory tract for laboratory examination, and a tissue sample or CT scan of the lungs, nipples, etc. can be taken.

   What is the treatment of black fungus disease?

   Black fungus treatments include:

    It is required to treat mucous fungi with antifungal drugs prescribed by a doctor.   In some cases, surgery and removal of the affected organ is necessary, which can lead to loss of the upper jaw and sometimes the eyes.   Control of diabetes through medication.   Reduce steroid use and discontinue immune-modifying drugs to maintain adequate systemic hydration.    Treatment includes infusion of normal saliva prior to infusion of amphotericin B and antifungal therapy, for at least 4-6 weeks.

   Why is black fungus linked to the coronavirus?

   The black fungus disease is not related to the Corona virus, but rather it is related to immunodeficiency and black fungus patients are affected by their nipples or lungs;  After absorbing fungal spores from the air.  People with mucous membranes can be infected by patients with coronary artery disease or those who are recovering with the fungus;  Due to the potential for their immunity to be weakened or weakened by Corona, mucous fungi do not pose a significant threat to those with a healthy immune system.

   Basic Tips:

   Dr.  Amjad advises not to panic and count all cases of nasal congestion as cases of bacterial sinusitis, especially in immunocompromised patients and patients with Covid-19 disease, who are undergoing immunosuppressive treatment protocol and should not hesitate to consider seriously and carefully.  Detection of suspected fungi.  Infection, it is also recommended to control hyperglycemia and monitor blood glucose level after discharge from hospital following treatment for Covid-19.  Diabetics are advised to use steroids wisely at the right time and at the right dose at the right time.

    The crown and the black fungus

   Knowing that India once recorded many annual infections with the black fungus, but this year, in conjunction with the epidemic of the Corona virus that is killing the country, the numbers recorded with this fungus exceeded the threshold of seven thousand infections with at least nine Indians.  Countries that say that the infection has turned into an epidemic, and we doctors are afraid to spread it all over the world because of the Corona epidemic and weak immunity to infection, and it is known that these fungi pose a danger to patients with weak immunity, such as AIDS patients.  , diabetes, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, and autoimmune patients who require prolonged use of immunosuppressive corticosteroids.

    What is black fungus?

   Mold found in moist environments such as soil or manure and organic matter such as animal dung is caused by fungi or black mold and is by nature not contagious and does not spread from person to person according to the control centers.  And disease prevention in the United States, but with the spread of the epidemic associated with weak immunity fungi is a fatal fungal infection, the mortality rate among people infected with black fungus is more than 50%.

   Causes of the disease outbreak in India

   Among the reasons believed to have followed the outbreak in the Indian state, the raising of corpses due to the deaths of Corona and the unhygienic way of disposing of corpses by dumping them in the Ganges River where the dead could not recover.

    The purchase of timber for cremation at the cost of living, which contributed to the spread of fungi in India, which contributed to the spread of some Indian sectors of treatment by washing sacred cow dung as a religious belief, bathing and blessing on the Ganges, where the corpses are separated.

    Thousands of cases of the disease have been reported among those infected with the Corona virus, to exacerbate the health burden in front of a new wave of epidemics, and humans have also contracted fungal diseases - which include several types - by ingestion of cells (spores) by fungi, which can spread air humidifiers to hospitals and homes  .

    Cortisone and antibiotics

   Another reason for the outbreak and increase of black fungal infections is the overuse of cortisone and antibiotics, especially in coronary heart patients, as it is one of the main causes of black fungal infection, as well as the fact that oxygen tubes and respirators in hospitals are among the most important causes of infection if they are not sterilized properly  , due to its high humidity.

    Members were attacked by black fungi

    The black fungus infects the human nose, nipples, teeth and bones and causes clots in small blood vessels, causing tissue death with what is known as "gangrene", which can extend to the eye and to the seventh nerve that feeds the facial muscles, and can also extend to the arteries of the brain.

   Symptoms, first aid and treatments

   Symptoms of black fungus include headache, facial pain, toothache, stuffy nose, dark secretions, blurred vision, sore throat, and deteriorating consciousness.

    A patient infected with black fungus needs to go to the hospital;  With treatment from medical staff from a number of specialties, the treatment journey begins with curative medicines such as antifungals, and depending on the case, surgical treatment can be used to remove dead tissue that has been damaged by infection, and surgeons can remove the eye for fear of infection

    * To save the patient’s life and prevent brain diseases, the British newspaper “Sun” published that about 60% of patients treated with Corona virus were transferred to hospitals in India, and we hope at least one and that surgeons may sometimes have to remove the nose or jaw.  for patients.  To prevent the fungus from getting to the brain, this infection is fatal, with more than half of those infected dying, with an average mortality rate of 54%, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Control.

    “We advise you not to take medications by accident, especially corticosteroids and antibiotics, without close medical supervision.”

   Tips to avoid infection with black fungus:

    We advise you not to take medicines by chance, especially corticosteroids and antibiotics, not to take close medical supervision, not to overuse them, and to prevent infection with black fungus, a number of measures should be taken:

    1- Avoid absorbing mold spores or fungi.

    When mold multiplies, it creates spores so that it can move in the air and however difficult to avoid, it is best to avoid the chances of going into molded areas and inhaling such things while wearing a mask.

    2- Keep away from dust

    Stay away from areas with a lot of dust or dirt, such as construction sites or excavations, and if one is in these areas, wear an "N95" mask.

    3- Avoid using polluted water

    Flood water or buildings that have been damaged by water should not be used, especially after natural disasters such as hurricanes or floods.

    4- If the person is immune weak, he should stay away from some professions related to agriculture or construction, but if it is difficult to leave the job, he should protect himself by wearing gloves, long pants, masks and wearing wounds.  or abrasions that must be washed with water.  And soap as soon as possible in case of injury.

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