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How do you remove hate from your heart

How do you remove hate from your heart

How do you remove hate from your heart

human feelings:

 Human feelings are natural and innate feelings that God Almighty has created in man since his creation to coexist with members of his species in a healthy manner, and these feelings are divided into positive feelings and negative feelings.  As for negative emotions such as: hate, hatred, anger,

 * Envy and others all lead to the spread of problems and hatred among people, but hatred is considered one of the most feelings that may destroy human relationships together in a great way, and cause harm to the malevolent person as a result of the many negative thoughts that he may have.  The definition of hatred for hatred has many meanings, including that it is resentment and introversion to hatred, preserving enmity in the heart and waiting for its opportunity;  Whereas, malice leads to causing harm to the person against whom it is held, by any means.

 * The spiteful person waits for the right opportunity to be able to take revenge on the person who has grudges against him.  The rule of hatred The rule of hatred in Islam varies according to the reason behind it.  When it is without a right, it is legally reprehensible because it generates hatred, hatred, and enmity between people. Some people hold grudges against others for no reason, but jealousy among them is the first motive. And God Almighty has rebuked the hypocrites who show friendliness to Muslims, and when they are absent, hatred penetrates their hearts.  The Almighty said: And when they meet you, they say, “We believe,” and when they are alone, they bite you out of anger. Surat Al Imran.

 Hatred is against an oppressor;  Where the oppressed is unable to take his right or to pursue the oppressor for reasons such as the weakness of the oppressed’s resourcefulness, or the tyranny of the oppressor is not considered blameworthy in the Shari’ah, but when the wronged one gains victory over the oppressor, he can take his right from him or pardon, and that is better, and that no grudge remains in his heart.  The Almighty (And whosoever gains victory after being wronged, it is those against them that there is no way for them. The way is only against those who oppress the people).

 Ways to get rid of hate:

 In order to get rid of hatred completely, the spiteful person must eliminate the original cause of hatred, which is anger and jealousy, and remind the soul of the consequences of revenge and causing harm to people unjustly. God Almighty will hold every servant accountable for his actions, and He is capable of everything and in His hand is the reins of affairs, for God is greater.  Power from any living being and does not accept injustice against his servants.  Handshakes and greetings between people may end the hatred, jealousy, or distress that the breasts may carry.  On the contrary, it is replaced by love, affection and love of good, and the attempt to seek refuge from the accursed Satan when negative thoughts that Satan may magnify and exaggerate in order to cause evil and harm.

 Hatred in Islam:

 When God - Glory be to Him and the Most High - created man, He made him instinctive to love all people, and He made for him feelings that depend on the events he encounters during his dealings with people, so he loves, hates, grudges and thinks, and that is one of the necessities of the divine instinct in his creation, but the Muslim must  To make his love, hate and hatred directed, so that he does not love except for God and does not hate except for God, and he should never have a grudge against anyone;  Because hatred means and causes enmity and hatred among the members of society,

 * Several Qur’anic texts and Prophetic hadiths have indicated that, and this article will discuss the meaning of hatred and its divisions, and how to remove it from the heart of a Muslim if he objects to it.  The meaning of hatred, linguistically and idiomatically, has different meanings, both linguistically and idiomatically, and their clarification is as follows: “Hate” linguistically: the source of malice, and grudge, grudge and grudge, for he is malicious and spiteful, and the plural of which is hateful, i.e. hateful, and he tried to hate him.  It also comes with the meaning: hating it, hating it, hating metal: if nothing comes out of it, hating the rain: retaining it, and hating the sky: meaning retaining its rain.

 The meaning of the word hate:

 "Hatred in terminology has several meanings, including: Aldgn and introverted hatred, comes as meaning: (constipation enmity in the heart, and stalking for her chance), which also means: (mistrust in the heart of creatures for hostility, or request revenge).

 How to remove hatred from the heart:

 The scholars explained a number of things that a person should do;  So that he can remove hatred and its traces from his heart if any, and so that he can expel it from his heart if he tries to infiltrate him, and among the most important of these matters are the following:

 * Persevere in supplication;  To the words of God Almighty: (and those who came after them they say: Our Lord, forgive us and our brothers who preceded us in faith and do not make our hearts to those who believe our Lord You Merciful).

 * Fasting the supererogatory and sunnah days of every month, such as: fasting the white days, Mondays and Thursdays;  And that was narrated by Ibn Abbas - may God be pleased with them both - he said: The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: (Fasting the month of patience and three days of every month goes away and the chest is free), and what is meant by the word free in the hadith is: hatred and anger.

 * Disclosure of peace;  Spreading peace has a relationship with the spread of love among people and the removal of hatred and hatred from their hearts, because of what he, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: (By the One in Whose hand is my soul, do not believe until you love one another. Shall I not inform you of something that if you do it, do you love each other?).

 * Modesty, cosiness and humility make the relationship between Muslims based on respect and love, so that there is no hatred and enmity between them.  forgiveness and admonition;  Admonition, which is based on showing what a person has done wrong and forgiveness, clarify the reasons for the mistake or apologize for it, and thus prevent the formation of heartfelt grudges.  The gift, the gift has the effect of dispelling hatred;  It indicates love and harmony between the Mahdi and the one who is given to him, and the Prophet - may God bless him and grant him peace - said in the Sahih:

 * Remembering the virtue of dreaming, its reward, and the value of the forbearing one in the Muslim community in particular, and its impact on the safety of the heart. God - the Most High - said on the tongue of Abraham - peace be upon him - praying that God give him a healthy heart free from malice and hatred:  * On the day when neither wealth nor children will benefit * except for him who brings to God a healthy heart). And on the authority of Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-Aas - may God be pleased with them both - he said: It was said to the Messenger of God, peace be upon him: Which God, peace and blessings be upon him, is the best of people?  He said: (All of the heart is honest, the tongue is honest). They said: We know the honest tongue, so what is the hardened heart?  He said: (He is the pious and pure, there is no sin in him, no oppression, no envy, and no envy).

 *Read the biographies of the dreamers;  To learn about it and take into account the impact of the dream for them and its great results, and among these wise men was Al-Ahnaf bin Qais, and it was narrated from the many stories of his dream that indicate his good origin and his good treatment of those who abuse him, that a man once knew of a man’s great patience, so he gave a thousand dirhams to a man.  He provokes his anger until he offends him, so the man stood in his face and started cursing, cursing, insulting and exaggerating, and the more a man insulted him, the more he turned away from him as if he did not hear him.

 * When he saw him in that state, he did not speak to him and did not respond to his abuse, so he proceeded to bite his fingers and say: You have made him worse!  By God, nothing prevented him from answering me except that I insulted him.  mention death in any case;  The remembrance of death softens the heart and makes it turn to the Hereafter and turns away from the world, which removes from it hatred, anger and rage against others. It was narrated from Al-Hasan that he said: (It was said to Al-Rabi` bin Khathaim: O Abu Abdullah, if you sat with us.  spoiled me).  Charity;  Charity purifies and purifies the soul, and makes it destined for good, repelling evil, and this is demonstrated by the Almighty’s saying: (Take alms from their wealth to purify them and purify them).

 Hatred rule:

 Among the greatness of Islam is that it did not leave a small or a large one without making a ruling for it, and in some texts it was referred to the legal ruling for hatred, its cases, and when it is permissible and when it is not;  Where the legal ruling on hatred varies according to the state of the hater and the one who is hated, and this is explained in the following:

 * If the motive and main cause of hatred is the envy of a specific person without right, and without the hated person offending the hater, then this is reprehensible and hated in Islamic law, as it is a motive to provoke hatred and envy among Muslims, leading to the spread of hostility and harm to people and society,  Therefore, crimes and estrangement will spread among relatives, and the prohibition of this kind of hatred and warning of its harm has been mentioned in the Book of God - Glory be to Him - in describing the condition of the hypocrites who show faith, then hide hostility to Muslims.

 * The Almighty said: (Here you Oola you love and love you and believe in the whole book, and if they Qokm safe if you passed away a member of anger Say Fingers die of this anger that God knows the breasts).  If the motive for hatred is unjust, the hater is exposed to him from the one who is hated against him;  So that he was not able to push him with his hand or his tongue, and he was not able to fulfill his right from him, which caused hatred to form in his heart against that unjust, or that hatred was against an infidel who harmed Muslims with his actions, words, or the like, and none of the Muslims was able to repel his harm from him.  Islam and its people

 * This kind of hatred is not reprehensible in Shariah, and the hater should hasten to forgive his oppressor if he is a Muslim, after removing the hatred in his heart against him as long as he can take his right from him.  those are wronged them for * but only against those who oppress men and rebel in the earth without right, those of them a painful punishment * and those who patience and forgive so that the determination of those things).

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