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 What are the types of rabbits?

What are the types of rabbits?


 * The rabbit is known as one of the mammals, distinguished by its special ability to jump over large distances, because it has two long hind legs, its body is covered with fur, which gives it the necessary warmth and protection, and it also has a tail and four incisors in its upper jaw to be able to grind its food, and it must be noted  To the fact that rabbits are fast-growing and reproducing animals, as they live for four years, and sometimes they may last for seven years,

 Information on rabbit species:

 * Rabbits are divided into many types, and they are as follows: Puscat is one of the types of rabbits of French origin, its ears are erect, and its weight reaches 6 kg at puberty, and is also distinguished by its white color, pink eyes, and soft fur, noting that the female of this type carries six times a year  She gives birth to 6-8 rabbits per pregnancy.

 California This type of rabbit is distinguished by the color of its nose, and its legs,

 His ears are black, knowing that the color of the rest of the body is bright white, and its weight is about 5 kg, taking into account that the mother gives birth to 48 young children per year.

 * The papion is one of the rabbits of French origins, distinguished by its white color tinged with a black line along its back, and is characterized by the presence of black circles under its eyes, and its nose and ears are black in color, in addition to its thighs are blackened, and it must be noted that females  This species gives birth to about 8 pups per pregnancy, and it conceives 4-5 times a year.

 * The Flemish Janet is one of the Dutch rabbits, characterized by its sandy, blue, or black color, and the abundance of its flesh, and the length of its ears, which increases its ability to anticipate and hear, and its weight is from 5.4_9 kg, in addition to its female giving birth to about 8 pups in a single pregnancy  .  Angora rabbits are distinguished by their long fur, and their beautiful colors.

 It is divided into many types, namely: The French Angora: It is characterized by its weight that ranges between 6-8 kg, in addition to its beautiful fur.  English Angora: It is distinguished by its beautiful colors such as gray, gold, blue, and pink.  Angora silk: It is distinguished by its silk fur, in addition to its beautiful colors such as black, blue, and dark red.  Giant angora: It is distinguished by its long fur, and its huge size, as it weighs about 8 kg within 8 months.

 Other types of rabbits:

 * Chinchilla: (Giant Flanders) This type is characterized by its heavy weight, reaching 12 kg, in addition to its ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, noting that the female of this type carries about five times a year.  New Zealand white: This species is characterized by its rapid growth, the beauty of its colors, and its abundance of production, as the mother produces about 50 young children per year.

 * Beveren rabbit: It is characterized by its large size, the blue of its eyes, although it is multi-colored.  Belgian Harris Rabbit: It is characterized by its chocolate color, its young range between 4 and 5 feet, and the length of adults ranges between 6 and 7 feet, in addition to being the most nervous among other species.  Hootot rabbits: They are distinguished by their white color and the presence of dark circles under their eyes.  The silver champagne rabbit: This type is a very unknown species, and its size is about 7 kg.  The Japanese Rabbit: It is distinguished by its dense fur and abundant production.
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