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Electric eel

Electric eel

Electric Eel:

 Electric sea snakes are considered a type of marine fish, known as (Electrophorus Electricus), and its known name to the public is (tremor fish), or (eel), and it is considered a type of fish, although its shape is close to snakes, and these snakes can generate  A large electrical energy of about 600 volts and more, and therefore its electric shocks may be fatal in most cases, and therefore it is considered one of the predators widely spread in the South American continent.

 * The original and optimal environment for the electric water snake is the northern region of the South American continent, specifically in the (Amazon) and (Orinoco) rivers, where they are considered muddy rivers, and there are these snakes that cause electrical discharges, which are among the varieties of fish where they belong to the family of carp and slut  There are nearly 500 species, but the most famous and capable of discharging electricity are these jerk snakes that paralyze their prey and prevent it from moving by causing muscle spasms.

 * These snakes use electrical discharge in order to catch prey, and also to communicate with each other, and also to protect themselves and defend their survival.  These snakes are characterized by their olive-brown color, and their length ranges between two and a half meters, and they have a long pointed tail, and behind their gills there are two small-sized fins, while the large-sized fin is found in the lower part of the body, and it feeds on small fish and also on frogs.

 * Discovery of electric water snakes Thanks to the discovery of the electric eel, to both worlds (Alexander von Humboldt) and (Amy Bonplan), when they were exploring forests in the South American continent, and that was in the year 1800 AD, where they spent nearly years  The five in their research this, and they arrived in the (Kalabuzu) area while on the way to the River (Orinoco), to discover the swamps full of these snakes, and these snakes struck them with electric charges to a very large degree, and Alexander states that his joints lost feeling for two consecutive days from the impact of these charges  And because of his standing on it,

 * He wrote an article eight years later documenting what he saw and what he knew about these snakes, and he mentioned that they had destroyed many horses because of these electric strikes.  This snake has a somewhat strange mechanism in its use of electricity, as it was found that it can control the strength of the current that is pushed out of it, so that it can send a weak electric current if it wants to keep one of the animals away from it, and also if it wants to kill it, it sends it a strong electric current.  But if he only wants to locate the enemy animal in relation to him, then he sends him a weak electric current, so that it backs up.

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