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Ruling on burying a man with women

 Ruling on burying a man with women

Ruling on burying a man with women

Ruling on burying a man with women:

 There is nothing wrong with burying a man with women when necessary and necessary.  Like a large number of people who died in a plague or war, and it is better for each person to be buried in a separate grave, and if a woman needs to be buried with others, it is better to be with a woman. Al-Shafi’i mentioned that if a woman is buried with a man, the man is in front of her, and she is behind him, scattered among the women.  And the man.  It is more correct for the woman to be buried with the sisters and not with the father, if necessary, to bury her with the sisters.

 Funeral nature

 The Sunnah in burial is that the dead fall behind the grave, so what should he do?  That is, he enters the grave from his head where his feet are if he is buried, then puts the dead in the basket.  On the left side of the toilet, Ibn Hazm said: This matter has been done by the people of Islam since the time of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, then untie the knot of the shroud.  The face is not revealed, rather it remains as it is, except in the case of prohibition;  Neither the head nor the face is covered, and a brick is placed behind the deceased if there is an edge, and the spaces between them are filled with mud.  So that dirt does not fall on it.

 Burial in the forbidden hours:

 If the burial takes place during the hours forbidding prayer at sunset or sunrise, the purpose of the burial at that time must be taken into account.  If it was from a specific and deliberate investigation, then it is makrooh, but if it was without investigation and the burial was not intentional at that time and was accidental and the reason is my circumstances, there is no objection and no shame in it.  It is approved by lawyers.

 after death:

 It is just that the human body decomposes and disappears after death, but the process takes a long time and depends on the environment of the dead body, so the body outside decomposes eight times faster than the body placed in the ground, the nature and speed of decomposition depends on the place of burial, the temperature of the place and the surrounding atmosphere.  In addition to the type of soil, the depth of the grave and the method of burial, including the use of coffins, catacombs, or shrouds.

 Decomposition of the human body after death The body goes through two important stages of deterioration, which we will list in detail:

 Before burial, the body temperature drops due to the cessation of natural and metabolic processes in the body.  Paleness of the face color and direction of yellowing.  The dead body has a distinctive smell that the average person does not know, as it attracts insects, especially flies, and begins laying eggs in large quantities in the body openings and in the folds of the skin.  Blood flows to the body due to cardiac arrest and lack of blood circulation in the veins and arteries, which leads to a bluish color of the body.  The ends contract, stiffen, and hard to move, like a piece of solid wood.

 Low eye humidity or so-called vitreous moisture changes.  The body's self-digestion process begins when bacteria in the body digest and destroy dead cells.  After burial, the abdominal and chest areas turn green as a result of decay and erosion of bacteria present in the lower part of the body.  The cornea of ​​the eye darkens, the eyeball bleeds from its place, and the arteries and veins of the body stick out from the skin.

 * The body begins to swell, especially around the abdomen and chest, because the bacteria in the body feed on dead cells and perform deterioration processes, causing the accumulation of gases inside the body because there is no outlet for them.  As a result of the processes of internal decomposition and complex gases, the body has a very unpleasant odor.  The eyes and cheeks stand out, and the facial features disappear completely.  After a while, nails and hair all over the body begin to fall out.  Worm larvae appear all over the body, especially in open areas such as the mouth, nose and eyes, which we mentioned in the first stage before the funeral.

 * It begins to eat the body and as a result the human skin begins to peel off.  As a result of the eating processes carried out by the larvae and worms, the muscles of the body begin to fall out of the skeleton and decompose until they completely disappear.  Only the skeleton remains from the processes of autolysis and decomposition due to the larvae.  After a while, the larvae and worms begin to disappear due to mutual consumption due to lack of food, and those that remain eventually die due to lack of food.  Bones take a long time to decompose into dust, but in the end the whole skeleton will disintegrate, except for the thigh, where man will rise on the Day of Resurrection, as the Holy Prophet said: “Every son of Adam will eat the earth. Except how wonderful your sin will be.”

 * We all try to decorate the body and keep it and forget to decorate the soul, because the soul is our body in the invisible world, and our body in this world is just a way to go to the afterlife, so good work and decorating your afterlife, because our body is transient and our souls remain.

 Praying for the deceased well after his death.

 Before and after the burial, and what indicates that is that the Prophet - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - entered upon Abu Salamah while he was dying in his final dislocation, so he closed his eyes, then said:  Oh God, forgive Abu Salamah and raise his degree in guided, and Akhalafh in the heel in stayed behind, and forgive us and him, O Lord of the worlds, and make his grave, and the light of him in it), Through this may be the age of the Prophet peace be upon him this year for Muslims after him, and desired  out.

 Legitimate Matters of Dying Below are some of the wills that are recommended to anyone who attends a dying person:

 * Remind him to be patient for the calamities that befall him.  Repeating the word monotheism in front of him and near him.  Orienting the dying person towards the qiblah, and that is only the moment he catches his eye so that he does not panic and fear.  Moisten the throat of the dying person with water.  Remembrance of God - the Most High - about the dying person;  With praise and other remembrance.

 * Improving the thought of the dying person about God Almighty, and his hope for God’s mercy in Him.  Sunnahs after death If people are certain about the civilized person that he has passed away, as his breath is cut off and his lips are parted, then it is prescribed for them first to pray for him with goodness and acceptance, then to perform some matters related to burial, and other things,

 Among the things related to the deceased:

 * To cover the dead with a veil that covers his entire body.  Expedite the preparation of the shrouding and washing of the dead in preparation for burial.  The initiative in carrying out the will of the deceased.  The initiative is to pay off the debt of the deceased on his behalf, and the debt is paid before looking into the inheritance that he left, so the share of the debt repayment is taken before the heirs are divided among the heirs.

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